Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tinkerbell in Streakiland

I have always been drawn to high street cheaper cosmetic brands but ever so at the moment as my finances have really seen better days. I blame my makeup addiction and my inability to cook. I saw the most gorgeous nail polish today at Superdrug 'Golden Dragon' from GOSH (£5) and really wanted to buy it, but I also saw this little beauty from No. 159 from Stargazer (£2.50) and my heart went with the cheapest price polish. Did I make the right choice?


The colour enchants me. It doesn't have a name. It's called 159. How boring. It reminds me of Peter Pan Tinkerbell and it's gorgeous.


Happy ending for this polish, then? No.
I am glad I bought it, I do not own anything remotely like this in my small polish collection but the finish is exactly the no.1 thing I don't like in a polish: when you can see all the brushstrokes, and when you need a perfect application.

You'll probably think 'what is she on about, you don't all the brushstrokes on the pictures'. Well this is because I've chosen the best pictures of the lot, when the light hits a certain angle and don't see the backstage action.


This is a such a crying shame for me: The colour is truly beautiful but I can't see myself wearing it again, as I personally feel too self conscious about the brushstrokes. This shall go to my little pea in the pod friend (well if she likes it that is) methinks.

I am now on the search for a similar colour with a more forgiving finish. Any suggestions girlies?


Princess and the Pea said...

I love it,I can work with it in some designs that will shield the streaks hopefully!


Anonymous said...

I've found that creme Stargazers are seemingly better - I've done a post on 504, such a boring name eh?! x

lilfairydoll said...

Colour is uuuuber gorgeous!!!!
Shame for the streaks

Emma Greenwood said...

Oooh I so nearly picked up a colour just like this from beautyuk today at £1.99... I have had an eye on GOSH's Green Dragon for such a long time but I suppose I can wait a little longer... lovely colour xxx

Enigma said...

I got the MUA one which looks similar to this one, its a little streaky but not as awful as this one!

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