Monday, 28 February 2011

I’ve been holo-ed and I liked it - NOTD

I had a very exciting moment today. I met up with a friend who happened to have a bottle of  THE Gosh Holographic Nail Polish (549) This nail polish is so hard to find, that some greedy souls are selling it on eBay for £16 which is way over while its retail value of £4.99. 

First impressions: this is the weirdest polish you'll ever try. If you though Barry M nails effects or other polishes from the crackle family are weird, wait till you experience this one.

Probably the weirdest thing about this polish is its formula. First coat, and it feels like you're applying some runny sour milk mixed with eyelash glue which just wouldn't stay on your nail bed. Try to even the lumps and bumps, you'll end with big patches of blank. This polish messes up with your mind and at this point, you're wondering whether to carry on or give up, as there is NO way on earth, you would happily carry on with the application of a normal polish after a first coat like that. Second coat is no better but you start seeing glimpses of the holographic drama peeking through. Still, it's lumps, bumps and patches of blank galore and it's just hideous, no really. If this polish had been a microphone, you'd be tapping on it at this stage to see if it's really working.

Third coat and you're telling yourself that this had better improve or you're really give up on it. After more huff and puffing, eye rolling, your prayers are answered. Lumps and bumps disappear (after consciously stopping looking at it for a minute that is)And oh my gosh, this is it. The rain stops raining, the sea divides itself in 2, breads starts multiplying and a holographic rainbow stars shining*

The effect is mind blowing: it's bright, it's bling 3D holographic foiled looking drama flashing at you and it's on your nails.



It's been one heck of a messy application, probably the messiest nail application I've ever known but it's in the past now. Fan or the 'holographic bling' effect or not, it's a nail polish you need to try at least once in your life, just for the 'messing with your senses' and bumpy ride really.


My friend told me to expect the polish to chip after 24 hours, so off I go to apply my poshest top coat. Outside world, are you ready to see my 'divine intervention' holo nails? I am :)



*I am not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. I just need to get out more :)

Oh and my friends Loulou and Drew have also been holo’ed today. You’d think we all plotted to post our holographic experience today, but we haven’t. Click to here see Loulou’s holo and here for Debbie/drew’s holo.  I want to see yours too if you’ve got one so please feel free to insert your link  in the comments (or any link to a gosh polish for that matter hehe)


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I hate the formula of this polish - I thought I had a dud bottle but apparently not! Also, it looks like a flat, nasty grey until you get serious amounts of light on it...we need some more inspiring holos here in the UK!

Anonymous said...

I love your little *comment ^^ x

Bon Vivant Clique said...

I've wanted to try this for a while but can't get hold of any. It's nice to hear someone being truthful about this by the sounds of things, I've only ever heard praise for this polish. I'm naff at painting nails and how no patients so might give this a miss haha!! Thanks for saving me!... Then again it does look gorgeous hmmmm!!

Love J.

Jude said...

Absolutely stunning xxx Jude @jadlgw

Louise said...

LOL thanks for the mention it looks amazing I do love it but you described the problem I had applying it much better than I ever could - it's was the trying to put it right and subsequently leaving bare patches that got me - very strange x

Hannah said...

I really enjoy your review - I actually laughed out loud reading this! I have this too, and as much as I love the holo-iness, I definitely don't have the patience for 4 coats with such horrible application.

Hannah x

socialitedreams said...

omg, i am so obsessed with getting holo'd!!!! i want those nails :(


femketje said...

gorgeous :D

froggistyle73 said...

I need this in my life! lol this polish is beautiful

Robyn said...

I've been looking for this forever and it's never in! The UK needs to sort it out and get more holos.

KimiToxxxic said...


Miss Diamond Pearl said...

Holy crap that is seriously cool! Right, on with the Louboutins and off I run to the shops! ;) xxx

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