Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Papaya Smile, Neon Turquoise Nails & special feature :)

Early hours in the morning. I should be tired, sleepy and grumpy. Instead I am wearing a huge papaya smile (Mauritian expression to describe a large grin from ear to ear) and I can't take it off. Beautyuk Cosmetics asked me if I wanted to feature on their website as their blogger of the week. Yes please! :) If you want to see my little 'blogger spotlight' feature, and read about more me, click here.

And then, then, THEN, as I didn't feel special enough, Beautyuk chose my little blog to host a competition to win a fabulous massive bag  jam packed with with £50 worth of Beautyuk makeup. Now, a 10 eyeshadow palette costs £3.99, a nail polish costs £1.99 so you can imagine how much stuff you'll get. To know all about this competition/giveaway, and enter, click here. It ends on Saturday 5 March, so don’t hang around.

For now, I wanted to show you very quickly another little gem from BeautyUK. Meet Neon Turquoise nail polish. Hard to believe this is again just £2: application was a walk in the park and immaculate even coverage was achieved in 2 coats. Shimmery enough to add oomph, depth and dimension to the shade, but not too metalliccy to show brushstrokes. Perfect! Why spend more? Photos show 2 coats and no tidy up whatsoever.




Next, I fancy trying the little gift set called ‘Midnight Minx’. It costs £4.99 and contains 6 mini polishes. IF I get it, I’ll give one of you the ‘blue’ from it, as I already have it in a big version. Shall I get it? :)



femketje said...

lovely colour :D

lilfairydoll said...


xmisslorix said...

I love this colour, I have a boots 17 one in peacock which is similar but more greeny, I haven't tried any of the beauty uk ones but I'll definately have a look at them.

destroydj0503 said...

i love the pics the colors are so pretty much love sweetie thank you for this blog i love nail polish

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