Friday, 4 March 2011

Bargain NOTDs: Love me, Big Money & Purple Pizzazz from NYC

What a better time to try for the first time NYC nail polishes than now: Superdrug have slashed a selection of NYC nail polishes from £1.99 to £0.99. Naturally, I had to get in there and bring some home. I hadn't tried any nail products from the brand before so I was very curious to see how they perform.


First off, we have Purple Pizzazz Frost which is a gorgeous purple with strong flashing iridescence of blue. As with most of my purple polishes I found it quite hard to photograph but I hope these photos will give you an idea. I've found this another of these polishes where you can't form an opinion on before the 3rd coat. The application is a bit uneven (sometimes it feels the blue hasn't been mixed with the purple very well) but the final result is very pretty and is definitely worth your time and even more worth your money: £0.99 for 13.3 ml of product. Lovely shade! I hope the product won't go gloopy too quickly.




It looks like I am into my greens at the moment. I saw Big Money Frost and I just had to have it. The shade in the bottle reminded me of my favourite green eyeshadow, some cheapy natural collection (green glimmer). I was a bit apprehensive to purchase this one as it looked very frosty in the bottle. I chose to ignore the name (it's called big money FROST after all) and gave it a whirl: 'It's only £1 I thought.

Well it's definitely worth £1 but not more. The formula is very very very thin, it takes 4 coats to reach a decent opacity and you can see all the brushstrokes which is one of my pet peeve. The colour is nice enough but for me, it's not worth the trouble and I am sure I can find better. I feel this is also going to go straight to my 'pea in the pod' friend who is getting all my green cast-offs at the moment LOL.



Last but certainly not least, my favourite of the lot which I am definitely keeping: Love me red Creme. I have no idea why they called this red, nor creme, but at least they got the 'love me' right, as I am totally in love with this polish. The blue shimmer in this reddish bright pink polish is to die for. This reminded me straight away of my nails inc Montrose Place, although it's a bit more reddish, less neon, and more wearable perhaps. I found the application very easy, but it did take 3 coats to achieve the result you see on the photos. You can still see my nail line peeking through but with this polish I really really don't mind. I also prefer the packaging of this polish, the logo is different.




Perhaps  the NYC polishes are on special offer because they are in the middle of rebranding? Whatever the reason, go check them out in store (the website doesn’t have all the shades) before the £0.99 offer runs out, a little unexpected bargain might just well be waiting for you :)



Ashley Tiernan said...

I have the Purple one I love it and now I want that red one for sure :)

ElenaKat said...

I really like all these colours, especially the purple/blue one!
i'm jealous, it's such a pity we have no nyc here!

femketje said...

that purple is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Llllllllooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee the purple!


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Oooh, that purple is so beautiful!

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