Friday, 4 March 2011

FrontCover Cosmetics at 75% off!!

Yes, you heard it right. And it's going like hot cakes so get in there quick.
The MERMAID DREAMS set has already sold out from the boots website, so nip to your ‘physical’ boots shop tomorrow and grab it before it goes.

As I live in the middle of nowhere, my Boots doesn't stock any FrontCover cosmetics (other than Christmas time) so I will be missing out. *sobs*
Here are some bargains you could make. Make me proud and go and get some :)






Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Bargain time! My Boots don't stock them either, though :/

Sparklz and Shine said...

It costs nothing to order it for call and collect to your local Boots. And they do Paypal x

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