Wednesday, 2 March 2011

:: CLOSED :: Win a £50 Beautyuk Goodie Bag (4-day competition)

I am super excited to announce a FABULOUS makeup competition sponsored by BeautyUK Cosmetics, open to all of your readers of 'Le Petit Jardin de Liloo' blog. As a big fan of the brand, it makes me excited beyond belief that they chose my blog to host the competition. And what competition! The prize? A £50 BeautyUk Goodie Bag!


To be in the chance of winning £50 worth of this fun makeup, it's very easy. we would like to borrow some of your creative juices in a little fun game. Please tell us: 

If you could design/create the nail polish of your dreams, what shade would you create and what would you call it?

Please leave your answer in the comments box below.
The best answer (name, description, the reason of your inspiration) will win the £50 BeautyUK Goodie Bag, so feel free to impress us :)
Make sure to leave your email address so that we can contact you easily.
Closing date for this competition is Saturday, 5 March, 23.59 GMT.

Good Luck!
Liloo (@tsunimee)
BeautyUK Cosmetics (@beautyuktweets)



COMPULSORY - This competition is open to all readers of 'Le Petit Jardin de liloo' blog ( from all over the world, who follow this blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect)
- There is 1 prize (£50 BeautyUk Goodie Bag) so 1 winner.
- Please make sure to leave your email address so that we can contact you easily
- Closing date for this competition is Saturday, 5 March, 23.59 GMT

DESIRABLE - Please show your support to the brand and like their facebook page: More of a twitterbirdie? You can also interact with the brand on twitter and follow them on
- If you're already familiar with the brand, it would be lovely if you also could tell us your favourite Beauty UK product (


✖ Helena is Red ✖ said...

What a nice competition! :)
I've just been looking for a while now for a nail polish that seems not to exist: a teal/petroleum shade, very very dark and deep, not "too coloured" (sort of greyish colour), not too green, not too blue, just in between. It reminds me of a gloomy, troubled, turbid, muddy night!
Maybe it could be called NAILMARE! ;)

cazstar1989 said...

I'd love to have nail varnish that looks like petrol haha sounds weird but you know how you get loads of colours in a puddle of petrol? Well that sort of thing :) something that looks different from every angle.

vixen_Jen said...

Id have a leopard print inspired nail varnish...there would be a whole range of colous from traditional leopard colour, to snow leoaprd, hot pink, deep purple etc...and in the nail varnish would be leopard 'spot' nail art, so when you paint your nails you would get instant leopard print paws :D No need for fussing around with a nail art pen!
Id call it Leopart Print!

kymie said...

I'd love to have a glittery rainbow nail varnish! So it would be so easy to paint either straight lines or swirls etc, and I'd call it Rainbow Brite!!

cbrookes said...

Mine would be Glitterarti! It would be along the lines of the OPI Burlesque set, i.e. it would be glitter based, but it would be a really deep blue/green colour. It would look like petrol on the road lol. Really deep and changes in the different lights. Yep, that's what I want!

✖ Helena is Red ✖ said...

Ops I forgot to leave my email address:

Lauren said...

Enter me please :) I follow on google connect.

I love nude nail colours for everyday wear, but I would love a holographic, shimmery nude colour for a fun twist :) it could be called "Shiny Birthday Suit" or something!

I follow beauty uk on twitter (@thewoogie) and I like their eyeshadow palettes as they're affordable and make it easy to create fun eye makeup looks.
My email is -
Thank you!

Princess and the Pea said...

I would go for a deep grassy green that had a slight shimmer to it, almost dewy looking

And the name? Podstar! What else could it be if it was designed with me in mind!

Twitter @poddington_pea


BeezEye said...

Naugthing (naughty + thing) - deep red jelly nail polish with red glitter that looks like glittery cherries :) Something like this pendant: with smaller glitter.

ksceviour said...

I would like a golden glittery brownish color,,something to go with my eyeshadows I wear often,,sounds like gingerbread glitz would be a good name! :)
ksceviour at hotmail dot com

I am also following with gfc

lilfairydoll said...

If i couLd I would create a polish with a base of a deep kinda baby blueish colour with chunkish specs of white, yellow, green & lilac.
I would call it Fairyland!
My email is
going to tweet about this too

Robyn said...

Mine would be a minty green holo polish - very glam rock, so I'd call it Spaceball Ricochet after my fave T-Rex Song!

I follow via GFC and my email is robyndskinner at gmail dot com. I already follow beautyUK on twitter and (@robynheartsslap) and my favourite products as the Eye Sparks pencils and the Smokey Lilac nail polish! :D

leiajulie said...

a shade of shimmering yellow called delicate daffodil

Charlene said...

I would create a dark navy with teal and golden shimmers and call it "I've got the Blues".

GFC: Charlene
Twitter: @acosmeticaffair

Charlene xxxx
A Cosmetic Affair

Areej Usman said...

I would love to create a nail color that would have all the colors associated with love like Reds & Pinks with Glittery little Silver Hearts on them..I would definitly call it The Shades of love:)

GFC is Areej Usman & email is

I follow u on twitter and facebook too...I havent been able to use the products as they arent availabe in my country.

Amina said...
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Amina said...

Right so heres something i wanted for ages, i mean to find the nail polish of my dreams, it would be opaque in consistency, packed full of crystal like particles which reflect and bounce light of your nails and correspond to the colours of your surrondings, kinda like the morpho butterfly/little cameleon like to be precise. The crystline particles would glimmer and sparkle, for example im in a room which has alot of green, green decor etc, my nails would reflect off that colour. I would wear it every day, every where!

Id call it 'the colour catcher'

destroydj0503 said...

if i could i would make two one called venom that would have to be a dark blood red and the 2nd one would be darling baby blue it would be a light blue with dark blue glitter that would be so pretty i love the venom color because you can never find a red that is just right and the darling baby blue remines me of the sky right when the stars come out and thank you for the giveaway sweetie xx

miss.makeupp said...

you can never find a really nice yellow nail polish, so i would make one that was a pale, girly yellow with a slight shimmer too it but not too much because i think too much shimmer distracts from the main colour.

The name?
You are my sunshine!


Asterix said...

Sunset - a sunset is a mixture of reds, oranges, pinks, yellows - beautiful and stunning and never the same twice. Who can look at a beautiful sunset and not smile? I'd love a nail varnish which contained these colours, but somehow not mixed in the bottle. So as you applied the varnish to the nails, you'd get a range of these colours on your nails, and each nail would be different. Each time I would look at my nails it would remind me of a beautiful sunset, and I would smile!

Rose said...
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Perdita said...

I would create a very vibrant dark/mid blue: a summer sky just after the sun sinks when it isn't yet dark. Like in this painting, but with some pearl and REALLY popping:
I'd call it April Love after the painting.

My current favourite product are the eyeshadow pallettes- such good value and a great range of colours.

I follow beautyuk on twitter too... you can message me there @perditaspursuit and I'll message you my email! :)

LauraEve said...

I'd have a blue/green aquamarine type base colour- like the sea-with a pinky gold shimmer running through it. I would call it 'Wish You Were Here' and I think it would capture that holiday feeling of being at the beach and swimming in the ocean and the twinkle that comes off the water as well as the golden sands and the rosy pink sky at the end of a balmy summers day.
my email is

Victoria said...

I'd call my The Seven Deadly Sins and the colours would be...Violet for Vanity
Green for Envy
Red for Lust
Gold for Avarice
Light Blue for Sloth
Pink for Gluttony
Red/Black for Wrath

all with a tint of glitter

happyfox said...

The deep, deep blue of a twilight sky, with the underlying dusky blush of the setting sun - an opalescent shade with a fine dusting of starlight.

'Venus at Twilight'
givinganswers [at] googlemail [dot] com

MissJodieElizabeth said...

this is a wonderful giveaway I will be sure to advertise it on twitter on my username JodieElizabethB

I would love to see the shattered nail polish in other colours like; pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, orange the nail polish would have sparkles and flecks of multi coloured glitter in them and the collection of nailpolishes would be called shatter shines

my email is:

BekahCat said...

Hi, I'm Bekah, I'd love to have a shimmery ( not glittery) holographic nail polish with smooth application that has a colour similar to that of petrol spills... Green, blue, purple I think would be the most prominent colours... Obviously it would have to be duo chrome, or quadruple chrome! Hehe, the brush would be flat and there would be two varieties, a normal polish and a striper... I'd call it Oil Shimmer! It would be fast dry and no chip... And I think that's it...

My reasons for this are because when I was really young I loved looking a petrol spills on the floor and I had a skirt that looked just it... It was so pretty!
Hope you like the idea! :)


Cheeky said...

I'd love a dark matt, mossy green. I realise it doesn't sound as exciting as some of the glittery suggestions, but I love dark polishes, and I'm really over all the dark reds and purples and navys. Plus I have dark green eyes, so I have an ulterior motive!

I think I'd call it winterwall, cos it would be the colour of moss you sometimes see growing in shadowy places in winter, and a play on the old Oasis song!

big.bad.30 at

Laurensoulsby said...

I'd love a nailpolish that was diamonds, so when you painted your nails it looks like mini diamonds, probably In clear, pink, blue, black &/or purple! :) I'd call it 'girl's best friend' because, diamonds are a girls best friend !! :)

And my favourite beauty uk product are the diamond pencils you have cos I love love the dark purple one as a base! But I just ran out! :(

My email is laurensoulsby @ live . com! And I follow on google friend connect :)

earthlingorgeous said...

If you could design/create the nail polish of your dreams, what shade would you create and what would you call it?

I would like to create a nail polish that when you apply gives you the color that matches your mood or your skin tone kinda like the magic lipstick, mood ring and like the latest body shop tailored cheek tint.

I think I'd call it mood magic tailored polish :P

mearthcedes (@)

earthlingorgeous said...

the reason I want a mood magic tailored polish is that even if I have all the shades of polish in the world when i put them on it sometimes feel its not so me... so having this mood magic tailored polish would be so awesome. Imagine your polish adjusting to your mood or your skin tone, you'll have perfect nail polish shade all the time! :)

still me earthlingorgeous

mearthcedes (a)

CupCakeKitten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CupCakeKitten said...

My dream nailpolish would be a super shiny black holographic rainbow effect polish, you see a lot of pale or bright coloured holo polishes but hardly ever darker shades it would look sooooo pretty, I wouldn't be able to stop lookin at my nails haha :D I would call it Glitter Galactica

I follow this blog with GFC as CupCakeKitten
my email is
I liked BeautyUK's facebook page (as Samantha Lawrence)and was already a follower on Twitter (as xCupCakeKittehx

FloralFlow said...

Hiya, I would create a topcoat, that changed the effect of the nail polish, from gtitter to matte depending on your mood! (Unrealistic, but It would be amazing)

Leanne said...

I think a clear nail varnish with light refracting particles in would be really cool, you would get different colours depending on how it was catching the light - It would be called Rainbow Cool.

OhPineApples said...

I love all sorts of nail polish. Im seriously an addict! wouldnt it be great if there was a mood changing polish. The polish could turn green when you envy something, black when your upset, pink when your energetic, yellow when your happy, blue when your feeling under the weather, and purple when your excited. I would name the polish "Clear illusions". My twitter is @crystallewis60

Mandy said...

Hi I would create a deep teal coloured nailpolish which had a shot of silver through it, so when you moved your hands it glittered and sparkled and I would call it "simple envy"

Lisa. said...

I would create a weather polish, so if it was a cold day, it would be a baby blue a bit like ice, and have shimmer through it. But if it was a sunny day, it would be a shimmered yellow/orange that sorta changes shade in the light. If it was snowy it would have white dots over a baby pink and lastly if it was a windy day it would be a khaki green with baby green stripes running through it. If it was a plain cloudy day it would be a beautiful purple with irridescent glitter.

I would call it beau temps which is the french for beautiful weather and i think it makes it sound really professional and classic!


Mandy said...

ooops srry forgot to add my email address

kushlacat said...

a black so black that you could hold your hands up and get people to look into your nails and they'd be sucked into another world. i think i may have been watching too much mighty boosh!

kush kushla on fb
@kushlacat on twit

ElenaKat said...

I think I would like it to be a dark blue black colour, and if I could add some magic in it, I would love it to change colour depending on my mood: pink for happy, black for melancholy, orange in summer, gray in winter, red when I am with my boyfriend and yellow when I am with my friends! Glitter would be an option too! It could be used to cheer me up!
I would also like to call it "Surprise me". Even though it would be no surprise if I know the colours, it would be amazing to see my nails changing colour! This thing can truly surprise me and amaze me!

I am already a follower via GFC as elenh_gr_91
I know this brand and I loooove their eyeshadow palettes! I like the pastels, the Earth child, Glitz.

*crossing fingers*


Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me ,please!
I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
I'll create a pink nail polish with green shades and I'll name it Bollywood because I'm in love with India
email :
I liked them on FB (Adriana Camelia Andrasescu-Scrieciu)
I follow them on twitter(@cameliaadriana)

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

BRIGHT YELLOW. Pure, unabashed, unaltered, nakedly yellow...yellow. No shimmer, no matte, no special effects. A party yellow creme. It'd be insanely bright. One would walk down the street wearing it and recieve a chorus of wolf whistles from admirers of the polish and tutts from bitter people who couldn't pull off this bad ass nail polish.
It'd be so bright it'd attract military personnel to your house to come and view it. They'd be like, "Hey. We were sent by the (example) government. Your nails are so bright we can view them on our satellites. Mind if we examine closer, just to make sure you're not hiding some sort of nuclear weapon under there?"
But it'd be a total dream to apply. Because most yellow polishes fail when it comes to application.

I'm a new follower (Lena Tallina on GFC).

I've interacted with the brand on facebook/twitter and written a couple of reviews on my blog.

Emma Greenwood said...

I would love a really gorgeous raspberry coloured jelly with a unique orange and gold shimmer, something subtle but beautiful. Inspired by some very much cherished memories in the presence of sunsets! I would call it "Sunset Dreams"

I'm a follower - Emma Greenwood on Google Friend Connect, and have interacted with beautyuk via twitter and through blogging!

Karen Painter said...

It would be a shimmery lavender colour and I would call it Lilac Silk

Gamusina said...

I would like a pink-white duochrome polish which reminds me of the Japanese sakura flowers... so I would call it HANAMI

joanne said...

i would like a rainbow coloured nail polish when u put it on your nails you get the affect of all colours like a red,blue,green,orange and yellow or maybe a gold,silver,brown,black and white

xmisslorix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xmisslorix said...

I would have a gorgeous shimmery sea turtle coloured nail polish, it would be a bright sea green/blue and have very fine pearl shimmer that reflects in the light, like the sun shining on a tropical ocean.

Natalie_Jane said...

I would love there to be a nail polish like the 'mood rings' you used to get when you were little. A 'super shade' that would change colour depending on what mood you were in at the time. How cool would that be?! I'd call it 'Moody Cow'. Haha. At least the boyfriend would have a priar warning before his approach! :P

Dragons Den here I come! :)

I will be sure to RT this to all my readers of Sparkle Magazine.

Twitter: @Eccabell or @SparkleMagazine

Good luck to everyone

Kat said...

Hmmm if I had the skills, I would totally create a smoking hot red nail polish, which turns darker according to your mood. I would call it Pepper Power.

katch05 at gmail dot com

crazymakeupgirl said...

i would make a nail poilish that when you put it on its purple at the tip and black at bottom, and would call it midnight dreams :)


BeautyCreep said...

I would love a rainbow coloured nailpolish that when you put it on, it glistens ALL COLOURS of the rainbow! I'd call it Colour Me Rainbow ;)

Rachel said...

Remember those markers you used to be able to get when you were in school they were white and when you would use them over your other markers they would change the markers colours eg: pink changed to blue or orange to red? Your writing would be all multi-coloured. Thats what I would have a polish that when you paint your nails red today and throw a coat of this on that night the next day you would have like blue nails or if you had green on and painted a coat on they would be purple. People would think you had spent ages re-painting you nails. I would call it 're-invention' :-)

Samantha said...

I'd like a range of pink nail varnishes - from the palest baby pink to the brightest cerise - that were ultra shiny and long-lasting and all to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Each would come with a breast cancer care crusade pin and half the proceeds from each bottle would go to the Breast Cancer Care charity.

This inspiration is from my fabulous mum who, even when she was going through chemo and her mastectomy, still wanted to look nice and have painted nails :-)

I'm not sure what I'd call each colour - maybe there could be a 'competition' for breast cancer survivors/suffers to have the bottles named after them!

I follow beautyuktweets on Twitter (@SamHay) and love reading their posts.

Sharon said...

Hi! My polish would be Cadbury's Purple with tiny flecks of black, silver and green shimmer, and I'd call it Extra-Terrestrial. It would be a high-gloss shimmer polish and a lovely creamy texture, not runny like some shimmers. . :)

e-mail: xxxx

Alison said...


I would love a metallic blue with gold stars, a bit like a night sky.

@ali991 on twitter

♥ Jaynee ♥ said...

Fabby comp, look at you being all sponsored :)

I follow via GFC, email is

I would love an any-colour 'Fixer Polish', so for those irritating occasions you chip or smudge one nail, you can brush this over to fill in the gaps and chips and it would be the colour you painted your nails. It would magically transform itself to any colour in one brush in some unfathomable way!!

x x x

meetjosmith said...

I'm a mummy of 3 young children and love nail varnish but dont often have time to apply it. I would make a nail varnish that dries solid in seconds and doesnt wear off when i wash up. it would have to not smell as it gives my hubby a headache! it would wash off textiles easily for when my daughter decides to have a go and I would call it Yummy Mummy

jodie0402 at

GFC follower

Joanna Louise said...

Hey my sweets! If I could create my own shade it would definitely be a midnight black varnish with shimmery red pigments to it - The two-tone effect! I love smokey eyes and I love red lips and I love darkness and mystery which I think this shade would give off and what a better way to compliment the makeup? It would be named 'Call Me Kills' after my favourite style icon Natalia Kills who always rocks the heavy black makeup and Bold red Lips! x x

I am a GFC Follower

Crystal Mse said...

Tweeting as @CRYSTALmse =)
I'd do a colour changing nail polish and call it "MOODS."
Anything that catches the light, is iridescent and opal looking is simply gorgeous ! ! !
I always thought the colours in a cars oil patch were amazing colours ! x x x I'm following GFC x x x

Kemcaflipflops said...

I'd make an iridescent red /green and call it 'Irish Quine'
the saying goes that red & green should never be worn together except upon an Irish girl(Quine) but as they're my 2 favourite colours I can never choose between them & want to wear them both!!

Bex-4-ever said...

Hi! Great blog! Followed on twitter! If I had my own nail polish(es) I'd love to call it 'Dream Come True' and I'd have a whole collection. The polishes would be mixtures of light colours e.g. A mixture of sky blue, light green, and white. I'd also have one that consists of baby pink, lilac and light red, and some that are even holographic to match the background of my blog! It'd be based on my blog, and how I've started from 2 followers to 73, because it seriously was like a dream come true! I love blogging, especially knowing that their are people out there reading my posts! :) Thanks for the great giveaway! I've never tried Beauty Uk, otherwise I'd let you know which product was my favourite! :)
Bex XxX

GlamaDazzle said...

GFC Follower Name: GlamaDazzle


Dream polish name: Vintage Fusion

Polish description: Maroon red lacquer with chunky black glitter

Inspiration: 80's fashion is hot right now, in Hollywood as well as everywhere else! Vintage red lipstick has definitely made a great comeback. So why not bring red nails back with a touch of the modern era? Ruling every fashion statement right now is black. Be it smokey eyes or goth/emo looks, black is a must-have in one's makeup kit. If I were to create a nail polish, I would create a fusion of the vintage red with the modern black to create a Vintage Fusion nail polish that is what every girl and woman will truly desire!

: said...
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Tia said...

I am thinking what color should be there??? A color which does not exist but comes in my dream and my mind.But something best.
I will mix three colors to give a nice, nasty and glamorous look. I have a Dark gray , dark purple with white nail polish. I will add them in a half glass of water and dip my nails in it....after 2 minutes take out my hands....
The color which appears in not Pure deep purple but giving a nice touch of a mixture, Gray is having purple and white effect. which gives a decent, cook and freaky look due to purple.
I think it will b a good match for summer as well.

haxel said...

If I could create a colour it would be a blue which is the colour of a cloudless summer sky - I'd wear it to cheer myself up in the winter.

@beachrambler on TWitter

alvira said...

I love maroon color and I would like to creat a nail color in maroon color which has a little bit of golden shimmer in it not too much like ordinary glitter polishes but just a little bit of shimmer and I would call it maroold.
I like beautyuk facebook page as alvira zaidi
My email:
Thanks xoxo

Jo said...

Got to be a Union Jack Print for the Royal Wedding and I would name it "I DO"

Naomi said...

I think I would create 'Capture', and it would be the colour of pigeon's wing ( more the colour at the upper wing) with turquoise iridescence, and dried to a matte finish.
My inspiration for the name is that pigeons aren't usually looked upon as anything of beauty, but if you catch them standing still for long enough to get a close, good look, they are actually pretty amazing, just don't get too close, else they'll steal your sarnie. :D


Louise said...

The colour I would love to see would be a true silver, so many silver are streaky and incipid I want a proper metallic silver I would probably call it 925 Sterling Silver

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Mine would be a clear base full of sheer, shimmering 'flakies' in shades of blue, purple and pink with a little silver holographic glitter thrown in for good measure. That way you could layer it over anything to spice it up a bit! My inspiration comes from the kid's book 'The Rainbow Fish', which I loved as a kid. I'd call it 'Into the Deep'

lily175 [at] hotmail [dot]

haxel said...

Sorry - forgot to add my nail varnish would be called Summer Dreaming.


Karen said...

Nail Polish Name: Jealousy

Inspiration: I've not yet found my Perfect Pink shade!

About my nail polish:

I would like to find a pink shade that has a "hypercolour" effect to it, something that in low light you notice it as a baby pink/fairy floss (cotton candy) colour but in medium light it looks more of a pink/blush/ peach/orange shade, in UV light it really becomes a different colour still with noticeable pink but flecks of blue and violet undertones and a smidgeon of fluorescence and in good light it'd be a super glossy, shiny hot pink (that doesn't look too bright or gawdy) it'd be perfect on a romantic dinner/night in with your loved one, a perfect girls night on the town, or wear everyday to perk yourself up and add a little colour on your nails to make your winter outfit pop!

Name: Karen Wilson


Twitter: karenwilson

Note: Thankyou to BeautyUK for this contest and recommending the other bloggers sites because I admire bloggers who honestly enjoy other bloggers sites because their sites are full of fantastic information, tips and tricks, video tutorials etc.

Many thanks,
Karen Wilson

Karen said...

Also Jealousy would be the perfect glossy, shimmery, glitter nail polish without being over the top, it'd make your nails look healthy and depending on how many applications you made eg 3+ you would notice little crystals (really superfine like goldust). You could also wear this shade without a base and top coat due to the shine and it wouldn't stain your nails which I find does that once removed especially when wearing purple, brown, black or even mint green shades which also leaves your natural nails looking a tangerine yellow/almost a nicotine shade which isn't very pleasant.

Karen Wilson
E: karenleanne dot wilson @ gmail dot com

thefashionfreak said...

I would create a nail polish which would be a deep opaque black with a slight blue tinge to it with tiny gold flecks of glitter and a few little gold stars. I love interesting blacks and I'm loving patterns and glitter on my nails right now. It would be called 'Knight In Starry Armour'(inspired by how OPI use a play on words and puns in all their polish names).

You know I follow your lovely blog Liloo! And I follow both you and beautyuk on twitter as @cwaterworth :)

Claire xx

Nicola said...

If I could create a nail polish it would be a rich pink, the colour of fresh raspberries, and it would somehow be both sophisticated and girly. It would be such a perfect, mood-lifting pink that I´d wear it all the time, fingers and toes. The finish would be ultra ultra glossy. I´d call it Alegria (happiness/joy in spanish).

Claire@Eyelining said...

Fab giveaway! If I could design any polish it would be a metallic silver with a rust red duochrome (would that even be possible?). I'd call it something ugly like 'Scrapyard' lol. x

Caz said...

If I could design a nail polish it would be a rich, bright, but but green, like a leaf colour, but with gold flakies in it. I'd call it Lizard.

daisybeebee said...

Following on GFC

If I could design a nail varnish it would be a deep rust colour with hints of gold. I'd call it Autumn Nights.
Fab giveaway , I love Beautyuk cosmetics especially the concealer and bronzing brush x

Amy said...

If I could create a nail polish, it would be in a cornflower blue what was the colour of my prom dress :) I think I would call it cornflower?! (original) xxx

Joanna said...

I would love to create a nail varnish the colour of grape soda!! I have been looking for a purple nail varnish is this shade for ages but they all seem to be shimmery or have glitter in!! I want it to be plain and simple and deep coloured rather than having any sort of shimmer in it!!
I would call it 'Thanks a Bunch' (the bunch being in reference to the grape, just in case anyone didn't get that!!!!)
Such an amazing give-away!!!


LOIS said...

I'd create a nail polish that's a perfect gold. Not glittery gold or yellowish glitter or shimmering stuff, but a polish that when put on the nails looks like dipped into gold. What's my inspiration? Merely my annoyance at not having a normal gold nail polish that isnt weird. And I dont fancy nail stickers, I like to paint. I'd call it 'Lois'. Alright maybe 'dipped in gold' :)

Love Lois xxx

This picture comes a bit to 'Lois' (or 'dipped in gold'):

I've heard so much good stuff about beautyuk. But I wont get a chance to try anything out until my next visit to England :)

LOIS said...

(metallic gold)

Kim Parslow said...

I'm not sure how realistic this needs to be but I would love a nail varnish that could just paint cupcakes on to your nails! Like stickers, it would just roll out cupcakes. I would call it 'Cupcake Couture' and it would be inspired by sweet tooth and love for butter cream frosting. Yum!

Ria said...

My dream nail polish colour is "sunshine"! And not just look like sunshine (light goldish white-turning shining goldish yellow --after 2-3 coats--imagine rays of the sun going from fade to bright,like in a sunset, but also with lots of glitter,so capturing sunshine(and all its colours) and giving myself some of its brightness,makes me everyones sunshine!

Ria said...

(My email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com)

peonies76 said...

Ooh I would invent a "mirror" nail varnish! I could use it to touch up my make up during the day, check I haven't got spinach in me teeth and to look at my hair do! ...I'd never get Amy work done!
I would call it (mirror,,mirror) 'on the wall' or Snow White!


liloo said...

Hi :) you said on twitter o email my entry to you :)
I read your blog, and watch YT vids, but don't know how to work gfc :( sorry!!

This is a great comp, congrats on being able to host it! I LOVE your blo and videos!!

My dream nail varnish would be teal (look on Microsoft wor if unsure as to what teal is :p ) but it would be shimmery and shiny, and when you change angle, an light hits it right, it would change to golden (like those funky two tone cars!!) I think that would be beaut!!

Good luck all!!

Twitter: @cupcake_star74

missy_ellie_uk said...

I think I'd like a raspberry-purple duochrome with a bit of shimmer......would call it something like raspberry beret (yes, I suck at coming up with names :)!)


Fleur said...

I'd love a nail color of my beagle's coat. She's a blue steely grey (she's a blue beagle for reference). I'd want to be holographic and opaque. I've always thought it'd be the perfect grey shade and really unique. I've never found a shade like her coat.

I think I'd call it Buppy. Which stands for 'Beagle Puppy' which is her nickname! :)

SarahSharkbait said...

I would create a beautiful lusty scarlet red shade that captures the light with glitter particles. and would name it 'Scarlets kisses'

lynsieproductions said...

Hey! I would go for something like a kind of summer sunset kind of colour, light baby pink & gold mixed into one. Maybe it could be called, baby sunset.
e-mail -

blackpoolgirl said...

A lovely orange with gold speckles to remind us of summer. I would call it summertime dreaming.

marchez50 said...

I would like a varnish that changes colour as your mood changes ... ...probably unrealistic I know... I would call it Chameleon

marchez50 said...

contact details
twitter @Boo1003

Lorrs1958 said...

I've searched for years for one simmilar to a shade that was available in my youth - it was by Boots and called Blueberry Pink if you looked at it from one angle it was a deep pink but from another angle it was an electric blue. It and similar twin shade polishes would be great with the seventies styles that seem to be invading the high street now.

MidnightDraven said...

Shaken not Stirred
A clear nail polish that was Vodka scented with a black nail polish, seperated in the bottle, could use one or the other, or shake to mix.
Because I'm watching Bond right now. :)


Emily said...

I'd invent a nailpolish called "Rainbow's End" - it'd look like a clear pearlescent polish in the bottle but when you painted it onto your nail, it would create a rainbow gradient effect which finished with a gold tip (like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow). I know that it's completely impossible to create but it would be a wonderful polish if it could be real!

My email is, and I of course follow you on GFC. I also follow you on twitter and I follow Beautyuk on twitter and facebook :D xx

steph.nicholson said...

Hey there :) If I had to pick a nail polish to invent, I'd pick a kind of turquoise colour, with a hint of purple. The reason I picked both those colours is because I have a turquoise gem stone in my room, that are exactly those colours.. I think it's absolutely gorgeous! Those are my favourite colours mixed into one nail polish.

My email is
thanks for your time and goodluck to everyone who entered. xxxx

Sparklz and Shine said...

A kind of apple metalic green - not too yellow
Similar to the colour of this car
Naming I find harder - in fact it's several hours after I wrote this and nearly forgot.
Green as Grass? I have no idea I just know I want that nail polish.

sparklzandshine at yahoo dot co dot uk

nessa81833 said...

sunset colours e.g yellow, orange, pink, purple all shimmery coloursgoing up your nail and i would call it sunset paradise.x.x.

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