Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Budget Bronze Boogie Nails


Carrying on with the theme of budget cheap polish and in my search for the gold polish of my dreams I stumbled upon this golden / bronzy nail polish 'Bronze Boogie' from Technic at bodycare. The colour looked nice enough in the bottle, it was only £0.99 so I went ahead and buy it. Now, this is such a budget nail polish that even the label is not stuck properly and I had to look for a label which was not too wonky.


As with my Technic golden peachy nail polish bought the same day, this polish has a really really strong smell, very distinct from any polish you have ever tried in your life. Despite the smell though, the polish is a very gorgeous colour, and applies very easily, offers amazing coverage even in one coat. Photos are shown with 2 coats.



Such a shame about the smell. Could I get used to it? Maybe, but definitely not today, as I feel it’s given me a bit of a headache lol. Do they look cheap and nasty once applied? I bet no one wouldn’t even tell the difference with a more pricey alternative. I feel like an Arabian Princess … well I wear nose clippers that is { @Lisforlois ;) }


I really like the way Yinka from Vex in the City finishes her posts by summarises price and where to buy it information, so pinching the idea from her:

How much?: £0.99
Where to buy it: Bodycare Shops (UK) or online at  Love Thy Makeup (£1.50 for delivery in the UK. also delivers worldwide)


SultryRed said...

That's a good colour pay off for 99p.. I'll keep my eyes open for this one.

femketje said...

lovely colour :D and really cheap as well!

Emma Greenwood said...

Apply it outdoors when it gets warm to avoid the weird smell :D the ones you find in poundland also have a very straange smell... xx

Sue said...

pretty color

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