Saturday, 12 March 2011

Crackle Polishes go technicolor: Blessing or overdose? Radioactive Lizard NOTD


Apparently crackle polishes first started their appearance years ago and what we noticed in England, when Barry M released their record breaking 'paint effects' black top coat last October was a revival of the trend. Revival or not, it took the blogosphere by a storm, and I was one of many who didn't even such a effect could be achieved with a nail polish. I have no idea how the contraction works and makes the polish, snap, pop and crackle (to reuse dottie k's expression) but I have to confess it's quite fascinating watching it doing its thing.


When I first wore 'Barry M' paint effects at work, the first thing my colleagues asked was if 'they' did it in other colours. Well, now 'they' do. Models Owen firmly embraced the trend with both arms and are about to unleash their 'Smash up' range, 8 colour additions to the crackle trend, with also a black version thrown in for good measure. The range is very enticing: bright colours, funky bottle lid design and cool name.



You'll be able to get your talons on them, at £6 each from April 6th online at (thank you Drew692 for info on release date) and in selected Boots Stores later on in the month of April.

The polishes not being available yet, I obviously couldn't try them on. So here's a little manicure done with beautyuk yellow peril (see it worn on its own here) with a thick coat of Barry M paint effects on top. I prefer my crackle to be big and chunky so I like to apply a generous coat of it.




Have you joined the crackle bangwagon yet? Will you be 'smashing it'?

credit: big kiss to debbie aka @drew692 and her cool tumbrl beautyblog for letting me use her pictures.


Jenny said...

As much as I want to try it, the thought makes me shudder! x

jaljen said...

Yes, I have and I will. Can't wait for the MO release!

Gamusina said...

WOW!! I am desesperately looking for the black one, from another brand of course, as they don't sell Barry M here... I was only able to get a blue one but I think the black can combine any base colour,I think I am going to try at ebay :)... that yellow is gorgeous Liloo!!! :)

femketje said...

i actually like the bright crackling polishes :D too bad they're not sold here :(

Sue said...

Well now that I want to join every store I have called is sold out!!! so frustrating because I really love the effect on the nails ;(

Beauty Begins said...

Love the yellow and the black crackle combination.

(You know why its crackles dont you? The formula for the crackle polish rejects the polish its painted on, and that causes the crackle effect. Er I need to get out more).


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