Saturday, 5 March 2011

A rainbow in Soho EOTD & Review of the Soho Bright Eyeshadow Palette

I don't know about you, but when I think about Beautyuk, the first item which springs to mind is the 10 eye-shadow palette, in particular the almost iconic no.2 'Soho Bright Palette' which I would like to call the 'rainbow mini palette'.


I am first and foremost a bright eyeshadow lover, a fussy one at best so I was a bit apprehensive to purchase this one in case I would be disappointed, even though I really liked the earth child palette and the day and night palette. Why? Because  Soho Bright contains yellow and orange, colours I tend to use a lot, and I am extremely fussy when it comes to these colours. To give you an example, I own a 120 palette containing galore of yellow eyeshadows and there is none I like in them, they're always too greeny, or not bright enough, or something else, they're not quite right. So, from the outset, even before purchasing it, I didn't give much hope to this palette to impress me.


I was pleasantly surprised. As with the other palettes I've tried, I couldn't fault its pigmentation. The shadows are very soft, easy to blend and mostly shimmery, apart from the neon pink and the lavender maybe. The greens and the deep blue on the top row were my instant favourites and I knew straight away that I wanted to play with them first.

As with the other palettes, the shimmer in this is definitely there but not in your face and very easy to work with. There is one shadow though which i can't see myself getting a lot of use for: the very light 'sky' blue near the yellow which is way too metallic and shimmery. Now if only they did put a true red in there, that's my only regret really.

swatched over nyx jumbo pencil in milk

How did the orange fare? It's ok, but it's hardly going to replace my favourite orange: the one in my 120 palette, which was the first shadow I hit the pan of!
The yellow surprised me, I would have preferred a totally matte yellow but the shade is spot on and I will definitely use this. Overall, I like 8 shadows out of 10, which is extremely good value when you think the palette is only £3.99

The look I created today is very predictable, so please consider this look as more like an eyeshadow swatch rather a unique avant garde work of art lol. I used 5 colours from the palette, the black from the Day and Night palette and my favourite highlight colour, Vanilla from Mac.






Would I wear this look out? Oh my, totally! Can you eye spot other colour combinations in this palette? 


Dainty Darling Digits said...

Oh wow, love this look!

Sara.H said...

Lovely palette and you created a very beautiful look with it :)

ElenaKat said...

i love your looks!
and I love beautyuk palettes, I want to get my hands on them! haha

Nats said...

Love this look! I have that palette as well and a look I'm wanting to create is anything eith the two purples, orange and pink :) x

femketje said...

lovely colours :D

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Gorgeous gorgeous look! I'm gonna make you do my make-up for a night out sometime :P Love this palette, it was the first Beauty UK product I owned...unfortunately one of the shades crumbled and then I dropped it and destroyed a few others :( It had to be binned.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Hot DAMN I love your eye look! Have you tried Sugarpill's yellow, Buttercupcake? :)

Erica said...

looks gorg! just followed x

Carly.xo said...

this is the only beautyuk palette i have, after seeing your look i did a orange and yellow fire eye look

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