Monday, 21 March 2011

The best eye makeup remover chosen by… You! :) Mini Poll

.I am running out of eye makeup remover (It seems like I'm going through gallons of eye makeup remover so quickly) and I need to buy a new one.  At the moment, I am using a eye makeup remover from Simple, a decent alternative I had to find to replace my ultimate favourite eye makeup remover product, which I can’t find in England, Cils Demasq, a bi-phase product from Gemey/Maybelline.


I was really curious to see what is everyone's favourite eye makeup remover to have ideas of what to buy and also to find out if I've been missing out on real gems. So this is what, you, my lovely twitter followers have answered, 34 of you to be precise:



I messed up my imagemap on the previous picture, so if you want to access cosmetic candy’s links, here are they are, this is her review of her beloved Softymo and this is where she buys it.


and last but certainly not least:


I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you for your replies. It is really really interesting what everyone is using, from the high street product to the high end ones, with some ‘homemade’ simple ones thrown in too.


I have learnt so much and I think I have been really missing out on the wonder of what the ‘Botanics’ seems to be. I didn’t even know that Boots Botanics did an eye makeup remover, as I was judgemental about all the metallic lid of their bottles but @loulou699 reassured me and nothing is stopping me now :)


I also really really want to try a product I’ve never tried before: the Bioderma product raved about by @lipglossiping and @mylipsbutbetter, as I love the concept of water removing makeup and leaving no residues.

Are you surprised by the answers?
Were they predictable to you?
Any product from above which you want to try?
What is your holy grail eye makeup remover?

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12 comments: said...

It's a good job I didn't say anything rude!!! xxx

LilyLipstick said...

It's great to see what everyone uses and recommends. The Botanics product is really good and pretty cheap but my favourite eye make-up remover is Clinque's Take The Day Off. x

Jo said...

Everyone raves about Bioderma, but for me (someone who wears heavy eye make up) it's not good enough. Im really liking a Garnier one at the moment, its only £2.99 Ive reviewed it on the blog. Also the Boots Botanics one.

Robyn said...

I love the variation! I might need to check out the Bourjois one, I LOVE olive oil but it doesn't travel well!

Ms. Wedgie said...

There's some great reccomendations here for removers I've never tried before!! The Boots Botanics is another great one that I'd forgotten about. I used that stuff for years and it's soooo cheap as well which is a definite plus point!! :)

Grace London said...

I'm going to have to give that Botanics one a go, I think. x

Louise said...

I had forgotten about Gatineau Floracil - that was so good but very spendy. I really want to try the Bioderma too

Charlotte's Obsessions said...

A lot of people seemed to love the Botanics one. I have used it but I felt it never completely removed my eyemakeup and found myself scrubbing at my eye! I have tried quite a few but for me nothing compares to Liz Earle, I notice the difference when I run out and have to use something else x

Anonymous said...

I LOVE bi-facil but its costly, so I stick to Simple most the time. I cannot get on with either the Botanics or Body Shop ones.. they both made my eyes burn.

missy_ellie_uk said...

Ooh quite a few recommendations there! Love your polls x

Heather S. said...

I'm actually on my 2nd bottle of the Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover - I love it because it does the job well at a great price! :) I get mine at Target in the US :) love your amazing post! :) xx

Busylizzy said...

Thanks for the twitter link to your post!
I tried Lacome and Clinique - not good for my eyes. Was not too impressed with the Bodyshop one either. Generally, I am not a fan of the 2-phase-products, but I've found that they work better. Which one did you end up buying?

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