Saturday, 9 April 2011

Caribbean Blue Nails. NOTD (Nina Ultra Pro)

I can’t believe how sunny and warm it has been today. It really felt like I was on holidays abroad and there couldn’t have been a better time to play with nail polish in the park and take millions of photos of my hand, to get the passers by talk and assume I am a weirdo. I’ve gone past caring now and if people stop and ask ‘you’ve been spending the past 15 minutes photographing your left hand, why?’ I go ‘Oh it’s for a photography project, experiment and challenge and that usually shuts them up.


Today, holiday weather, I am wearing CARIBBEAN BLUE from Nina Ultra Pro, exclusively sold at Sally’s stores and online. It’s your average shimmery turquoise nail polish but with a difference: It applies very well, perfectly opaque in 2 coats, and is good for value for money: £3.89 for 15 ml of product.


It doesn’t blow me away as my other nail polish from Nina Ultra Pro, Last Call but I like it a lot. I also own ‘Purple Pizzazz’ from Nina Ultra Pro, which is probably my favourite purple. I wanted to do a dual post and show it to you at the same time as Caribbean Blue, but I have given up on trying to capture it: no matter how many times I try to photograph its purple gorgeousness and annoyingness, all I can capture is blue. Oh well.



Name: Caribbean Blue 709063 (Nina Ultra Pro) Nail Polish
How much: £3.89
Sally’s Stores or Sally’s Express online:


Georgia said...

wow!! It looks amazing.

I really want to try groovy grey that you blogged about. Perfect shade.


Daisy said...

Pretty colour!

Sara.H said...

Lovely! :)

ModestyBrown said...

Oh, that is lovely. I almost moaned on Twitter earlier that I didn't have a turquoise for my toes. It would have made a perfect pedi colour for me today! Thanks for all of the beautiful pictures.
Jane x

PS. I feel your purple pain. It's a battle I know well!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful on your nails - you sell all your nail varnishes to me because they look so fabulous and your photos are amazing, it is great to see nails out doors so to speak. Thankyou. Jan x

Arietta said...

Lovely turquoise shade and it looks so nice in the sun light. Thank you so much for your sweet comment mon amie! xxx

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