Saturday, 9 April 2011

Groovy Grey Nails from Gosh NOTD

Last Saturday was pretty surreal. I remember it like it was ... well last week actually. I started off the day with my electricity company telling me I was in credit for a change, Tesco Express had just opened its doors in my little town, I was donated the much lusted after Golden Dragon from Gosh and and and and my friend bought for herself 'Groovy Grey' from Gosh which I was able to play with.


Now I knew I had to expect amazingness from this polish but I didn't expect I was going to be so blown away. All the photos you see are in one coat of polish. Yes, that's right just one quick coat gave me this stunning shade of grey. Application as with all the shades I tried from Gosh, (apart from the unique holographic) was a dream.

However, whilst one coat didn’t leave any patchiness and covered perfectly my nail line, I would recommend you to apply 2 coats unless your nails are perfectly ridge free and that you’re never going to do any housework.


If Lavender Love, Misty Mauve and Neon Baby, from the same limited edition collection apply opaquely and smoothly like Groovy Grey, boy you're in for a ride, a very happy one.


I leave you a with a little comparison: my latest favourite nail polish, Elf Desert Haze and Groovy Grey. Which colour do I prefer? Desert Haze, but its tedious and lengthy application in comparison will always make me choose Groovy Grey without hesitation.


Whatever you do this week end, include a little visit to Superdrug and grab your groovy grey, while the 3 for 2 for offer. You need it in your life, and preferably before the greedy gits sell it on eBay at 3 times its recommended retail price.

Name: Gosh Groovy Grey 003 (Limited Edition)
Where to get it: Superdrug
How much: £4.99


Macbella2 said...

This is a beautiful shade! We have GOSH in Canada, I wonder if I will be abl to find it here. I need that in my life! LOL :)
It reminds me a little of Essie Chinchilly. Pretty!

I have seen Golden Dragon the other day at my store and almost bought it, now regretting that decision. I should have!

Sara.H said...

Lovely shade :)

michelledh said...

I love those colours, think I might have to take a trip, thanks for the tip! xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

Ooh I love this! But am on a makeup ban this month, and it'll probably be gone after that :(

Stina said...

Ohh I love it so much, I wonder if it would give me corpse hand!?
I actually love the ELF one even more <3

But so classy :)

Jo said...

A one coater? I love these types of shades too <3

emalyce89 said...

Wow, that color is simply amazing. This color would pair up with just about any other bold color in a gorgeous french manicure. =D

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