Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Honesty, Transparency and Loyalty (card)

It's been more than a week than I have been having a crisis with my conscience and wondering whether I should share this with you ... or not. At the time I'm writing this in notepad, I still haven't made up my mind whether I am going to publish this.

I'm a big fan of Superdrug. Probably most of the beauty products I have been blogging about have been purchased from Superdrug. So you can imagine how excited I got when Superdrug launched a loyalty card for their customers. I was finally going to be rewarded for all my purchases there: awesome!


My first instinct was to blog about the card and even recreate some sort of countdown widget, counting down to the big launch day. Coincidentally, in advance of  the public release of the card, I was very lucky to preview the actual loyalty card and feel it in my hands before anybody could. Perfect for a blog post: I could  have blogged about the beauty card, and provide my own photo, instead of using a stock photo from the internet. Perfect no? Well, yes, if only for one 'small'  detail. This card came generously pre-loaded with £10 of credit, which I could spend on whatever I want at Superdrug. I instinctively started to make a mental  list of the things I wanted to buy and daydream on how I would spend my £10.

I was deliriously happy but at the same time, I started to feel a little uncomfortable. How could I possibly then, with virtually £10 in my pocket, write a totally unbiased review about the card? Would you have taken my post seriously?  Would have writing about the card been easier if I didn't disclose this little detail? But then wouldn't that review be a bit ... dishonest? I had this £10 of  Superdrug purchasing power, but I couldn't help myself from feeling guilty owning it. Then I thought I could make the most of this opportunity, do a bit of promotion for Superdrug (and myself) and do a giveaway and scoop some extra followers in the process. I felt even more guilty at the prospect. And what if I just pretended nothing happened, and that I didn't receive anything? I was still having a crisis of my conscience

What I can't tell you is that:

Superdrug Loyalty Card can rival with the other obvious high street chain, in terms of points earned per amount spent. And yes,  bottom line, you will accumulate points faster with their direct competitor.

What I *can* tell you is that:
  • The launch of the card came about also thanks to a twitter poll. Back in February, when Superdrug asked their fans on twitter, about the one thing you would  change about Superdrug, most of you replied instantly and in unison 'a reward card'. And yes, the point system might not be as generous as their direct competitor  but it's there.
  • I am finally being rewarded for buying products from my favourite brands (sleek makeup, gosh cosmetics, beautyuk cosmetics, 2true nail polishes, and the list  goes on. Am I being rewarded everytime I buy milk from my Londis, stamps from the post office and eyelashes from Claire's? No. In fact I can think of more companies who don't reward me when I buy over and over than companies who do reward me.
  • Would I still buy from Superdrug even if they hadn't launched loyalty card existed? Yes. without a shadow of a doubt.
Is the very post I am writing being influenced by the generous card offered to me by Superdrug? It's up to you to decide. I keep on moaning and going on about availability of products from the Superdrug website but deep down, I will remain a massive fan of Superdrug, and you will probably find me at Superdrug pretty much every weekend (I am sad like that) reward card or not.

What will I buy with this card? Nothing. I *still* feel uneasy about owning it and I think my BFF should have it. It's only fair: every hour spent  on this blog is an hour spent less on her. {If my other ‘glittery’ BFF is reading this by the way, you have not been forgotten xx}

You know what would make my conscience lighter? To actually publish this post…

eeek *presses send*


Jess said...

I honestly think you should go out and treat yourself to some lovely bits from Superdrug. We shouldn't feel bad for writing posts about things we love simply because they were given to us. The fact that you loved Superdrug before and would purchase with or without a card shows that you are totally unbiased. Hope your conscience is a little lighter. :)


PinkSweetSz said...

Lol... Awh thats so sweet! I like this post!! Its different x

Phoebe said...

LOVE this post! You were right to publish. I think we all agree that the point system is overshadowed but for those that would shop at Superdrug regardless it's nice to get something back, even if it's little.

Summer Loren said...

Treat yourself! I love the honesty of this post x

Catherine said...

Aww sorry to hear you feel like this, I got £10loaded card too and blogged about it straight away, as I felt I was lucky and was happy to gain any points system as at the end of the day it's free money off. Hope you don't think bad of me for my blog post. But personally I think you should be able to blog about what you want without worrying what people think if its something you agree with and love your readers will be happy for you and understand. So please go spend it, I did when the card launched :-) x

millmollmac said...

aw you do get yourself in a tiz! You should have just bought yourself something nice! but your ethical point of view is admirable

Lipglossiping said...

Lady, you overthink things!

There's no problem with receiving £10 on a card as long as...

a). you disclose it in the post


b). it doesn't prevent you from sharing any negative thoughts you have about said card or brand.


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I'm with Lipglossiping on this! If you gave your honest thoughts, pros and cons of the card and said you were lucky enough to have a tenner on yours - nobody would mind!

jaljen said...

Great post. I can think of a million reasons why Superdrug should want to reward (a very modest reward) an honest enthusiast for their shops.

Spend with a clear conscience. Even if you had been 'bribed' (and I don't think for one moment you were) you were honest about it. The card is an indubitably good thing and everyone is happy with it.

I insist you get yourself some goodies and blog about them. Then you'll be doing us all a service.

missy_ellie_uk said...

Well done for posting this hun. I do think that you should treat yourself with the card. So long as you know you've set out your honest opinion and you have disclosed what you received then there is absolutely no problem in my view. Plus it is clear that you were a Superdrug fan before, so it's not like you've suddenly changed your opinion entirely in response to a freebie. If it's a bit dodgy them sending you it, well that doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong in accepting it.

Anonymous said...

You're so refreshingly honest and it does seem a rather tentative situation xx

Anonymous said...

Sugar plum bum, you have been more than honest in your post, I think you should spend the money on something nice for yourself!


xXxStundonxXx said...

Don't feet guilty about it, enjoy it and treat yourself.
This is a fab post btw! x

MidnightDraven said...

Spend the money on products to review for us.
That way we all benefit.

xmisslorix said...

go spend it chick, you were probably given it because of the amount they can see you have spend in the store rather than for you to do a good post about it.
its not like its an actual product that you have been given payment for (or for free) to do a good review and its not like its something that people have to spend money on to get.
the majority of people who get a superdrug card probably spend there anyway so its not really like you could influence people to get one anyway.

dont fret about it and get spending on some goodies for us to review!!! xx

xmisslorix said...

for you to review sorry lol

Stina said...

This made me smile and also feel a bit sad for you, why would you feel you can't spend it? Who out there is going to judge you for spending a tenner?
Spend it, stop over thinking things you silly moo :p

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty Liloo.. truly. I'd read a few other reviews of the card that were glowing and I'd seen that the reviewers 'got' £10 and sure I felt a little.. hmmmmmmm about it.

But not with you, because you a) told us about the tenner, b) listed pros & cons c) didn't say it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Spend it on yourself, you deserve it.

P.s superdrugs points are low per product purchased but I have noticed a lot of extra points offers on atm.

Ms Red

SilhouetteScreams said...

I concur with Lipglossiping, you've been more than honest and I think you should treat yourself!

Kirsty said...

Love this post and your honesty. I agree with Lipglossiping and BBH, you should stop overthinking, spend the £10 and review your purchases for us!
I can understand why you feel apprehensive though. Although I am not a blogger just an avid reader I have picked up on the resentment that can float about in relation to freebies and the subsequent reviews on them. As a long term reader of yours I would never question the honesty of your reviews regardless of whether you received the item for free or bought with your own pennies.
Sorry for the ramble! x

Perdita said...

That's the thing with the superdrug card... although you get fewer points, you pay less in the first place.

I think I'll find a place in my wallet for both suoerdrug and 'the other' card!

OxfordJasmine said...

You're thinking that you were bought for £10? Doesn't seem that way to me, if you were going to write a post anyway then it's a nice surprise. Do you know how much they spend on advertising on TV, Magazines and online, a lot more than £10! Give yourself a treat and enjoy it :)

Strawberry Blonde said...

Must admit I'm scratching my head about why you'd feel uncomfortable having it, blogging about it or using it. If it was mine I'd do all 3 with a big grin on my face! :)

I'm guessing these feelings must relate to something that's happened in the past (not nec to you).

Just goes to show that when a company does something nice for its customers, it doesn't always have the desired effect.

Hope your shoulders are lighter now & that you treat yourself or at least split it with your friend.


Emma Greenwood said...

You will benefit us all if you go out and spend that £10 and review whatever it is you bought ;) so do it! We will all be one (or a few) products wiser for it so we will all be treated :D xxx

Debbie said...

Cross I missed this when you blogged it, by now I sincerely hope you have treated yourself to some lovely things with your £10, as Charlotte said you seriously over thought this one - enjoy! Your honesty is admirable and refreshing and your have earned your good fortune by being a great blogger so go spend and enjoy is my opinion! x


why on earth would you feel guilty about spending it??? It was a gift so go on and treat yourself, and if you end up adoring a new product obtained with this £10 loyalty card, then tell us, because I'd love to know, and certainly wouldnt think less of you as a blogger

Oh and you do realise that if you buy online you get 10 points per £ compared with (their competitor's) measly 4 points per £!!! I'd say Superdrug rock! But then I've become a huge fan recently because they offer more cruelty free brands than you know who!

Fab post btw


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