Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A circle of love…

Couldn’t I find a tackier title? Wait, wait…

When the winner for the Sleek Santorini blush was announced, you may have remembered me announcing that there will be another giveaway (or two) in the pipeline. I have been meaning to put this post up for about 2 weeks now. Alas Superdrug was running out of the very things I wanted to blog about.

Just a month ago, I shared with you a topic very close to my heart. In fact, it was 2 things, triangular shaped, placed inconveniently under my eyes, my under eye circles which I have always been super self conscious about. The comments you left on that post, packed with tips, product suggestions, personal experiences, and generally love and support  have been so overwhelming and touched me so much.

Sooo, I wanted to give back a little something to you. Had I scooped the 161 millions at the EuroMillions (yes, I am *still* going on about that), I would have happily showered the 26 of you with presents. Alas this was not possible. So to say thank you,  I went to get 2 modest presents to give away to 2 random persons who have been commenting on my under eye circles post. So I went ahead and got 2 of these new fancy ‘hot cleanser’ from Superdrug, which, from what I’ve read, have started to cause a bit of a stir in the beauty blogosphere.




There was no way I could choose a winner but my faithful assistant helped me. So. please the following ladies, give me your address and it will be a pleasure for me to send you a hot cleanser:


Wo, wo, wo, this is not fair, I hear you say. Why didn’t tell you you were going to do a giveaway, alert everyone and give the chance to all your readers to participate. Fear not, I have been collecting a few items to hold a ‘proper’ giveaway where everyone can participate. It’s not very much again but I hope you will still like it and would like to enter. Click here for the giveaway.

Thank you for everyone who read my blog and to all of you who take some time out of their day to leave a comment. You have no idea how uplifting your feedback is. Thank you xx

liloo xx
p.s now to get the Lion King ‘Circle of Life’ out of my head… *grr*


Claire@Eyelining said...

Congrats to them both! I had no idea Superdrug did a hot cloth cleanser let alone a Vit E one (I love their vit E moisturisers). I think a trip to Superdrug is in order! x

Kimberley-Anne said...

I had no idea Superdrug did a Hot Cloth Cleanser! May have to try, although I am tempted to go for Liz Earle... decisions, decisions! Congrats to the two winners xx

GretalRabbit said...

Have you reviewed the hot cloth cleanser? I may just *have* to pop in to superdrug and take a peek (where it may fall into my basket...)
Congrats to the winners, and thanks for being so generous :)

Ana said...

So cool of you to do such a giveaway and congrats to the winners :D !

ScienceGeek said...

This hot cloth cleanser really is fab! It's the first I've tried and I've only used it a couple of times but I've noticed a difference. Also started using their vit e moisturiser!

emalyce89 said...

Yay! I am totally psyched! Thank you, Liloo. I didn't even expect that... =D AND I've never won a giveaway either. This totally just made my day! =D

missy_ellie_uk said...

Woohoo! Thanks lovely, this has really made my day, and I meant every word of the comment I left you x

p.s. I like the title of the post!

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