Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cappuccinos, Moon Dust and Fantasy Fire Nails {notds}

I should really spread out my nail polish posts, add a bit of variety but I am  too excited a-gain and I am dying to tell you about my latest nail polish  acquisitions. I didn't plan to buy a nail polish for a long time. A giant tidy up  over Christmas made me come to terms with my nail polish collection and see the  madness of it all. I didn't plan even less to buy a Max Effect mini polishes from  Max Factor. My
first experience with a mini polish from Max Factor was absolutely diabolical, and cloudy blue is probably the worst polish I have ever played with.


But when I saw the little firecracker of 'Fire Fantasy' on, it was  love at first sight and I couldn't rest until I, too, get my hands on it. Both  Superdrug and Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on Max Factor products about 2 weeks ago,  so I decided to treat myself with 3 mini polishes. I'll spare you the details of  how tricky it was to find a shop which had at the same time the 3 shades I  wanted. In the manner of 3 for 2, I would like to show you three manicures today.


First of all, this is Cappuccino. No hint of creamy brown beige coffee shade here,  this polish, to me, looks like a dirty grey purple and I absolutely love it.  Application was to my biggest disbelief very easy and I achieved opacity in 2  coats.



Now, this is Moon Dust, a very sheer polish which reminded of
'Not like the  movies' from OPI but without the green drama. This is very much a layering polish  really, and it would be in your best interest to treat it as that, as you will  have completely emptied the contents of this teeny weeny bottle if you were  trying to achieve opacity with Moon Dust alone. So I layered it over just one  coat of Cappuccino and the result really impressed me.



And now, ladies and gentlemen, the object of my latest obsession, this is Fantasy  Fire. I have no idea when this polish was first released, probably ages ago, as  Helen Nice Things suggested that people have been trying to find dupes for that  colour for years. Fantasy Fire reminded me straight away of my first time with a 
holographic nail polish (read my review here if you're bored), not for the result  but for the emotions it provoked in me. It basically took my heart and did what  it wanted with it. Let's have a look at the bottle: Yes, this is the same bottle. 


Now try to imagine having all these shades at once on your fingers as you move them in the light: absolutely out of this world. Could this polish qualify as a polychrome? I don't know but what I do know is that I've never experienced anything like it. The richness of the red inside the purple is a like a firework burning on my fingers. Even just looking at the bottle, it feels like it contains a firework ready to pop, like a jack-in-the- box. Absolutely mesmerising!     





Again, like Moon Dust, this polish is very much a layering polish. If you were trying to achieve full opacity with Fantasy Fire, you would need about 7 coats which, I am sure you would agree wouldn't be the best use of your time and money (£3.99 for such a tiny bottle). However what is a major drawback could also be an advantage. Think of the limitless colour combinations Fantasy Fire could give you. I have wished to layer my fantasy fire over Cappuccino but I can't wait to try it over other colours. If you haven't guessed it by now, I am absolutely head over the heels about Fantasy Fire and it has not become one of my most special polishes.


What: Max Factor Max Effect Mini Polishes
How much: £3.99 a bottle
Where: Anywhere around the world which sells Max Factor. Be warned as Fantasy  Fire has become quite a sought after shade.

Do you own any Max Effect mini polishes? Please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to see your photos, if you have posted some xx


Catherine said...

These look gorgeous :D x

Charlie said...

I'm desperate for the last one but it's never in stock in Exeter :(

Anna said...

I have a lovely red in Max Factor Mini but have to say little polishes = little brushes = hard work to paint with. If I fell in love with a colour I'd definately spend a little more and go for the full size bottles: Fantasy Fire looks like it could well be a contender though! Lovely pics x

Sparklz and Shine said...

Wah - I want Fantasy Fire! Didn't hear about it til this week when it was too late :(

missy_ellie_uk said...

I do like Fantasy Fire...but I love Cappuccino - totally my kind of colour!

Ellie x

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Oh my god I want Fantasy Fire! I'venever owned a Max Factor polish (I never really look at it as a brand) but now I might have to...

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

It's been a nightmare to find this polish. I picked up a couple more bottles, several actually but a couple were for a make-up trade. Love this colour so much <3 Well, you know what I think! I'm so happy my post nudged you to it and you love it as much as I do!

Viktoria said...

It is now my sole mission to buy those.xx

Hazy Fairyland said...

*drools all over Fantasy Fire*

Jayne's Kitschen said...

Ooo they are pretty! I love the purple, the holographic effect is beautiful.

Kim said...

I need Moon Dust in my life, it is beautiful!! xx

Dami said...

I love fantasy fire! i own Diva Violet which is great, my current favourite:)

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