Sunday, 22 April 2012

FashionistA: A look at the brand and a closer inspection at their Supermodel Kohl Eyeliners

If it wasn't through Twitter and the beauty blogging world, I would have never heard of Makeup brand 'Fashionista' spelt 'FashionistA', with a capital A at the end, just to be awkward different. Like Look Beauty which was born last year (around October 2011 I believe?) FashionistA suffers from a crucial lack of representation in the high street shops and they have yet to open a webstore.

If it was up to FashionistA, they would be in every Superdrug nationwide but sadly this isn't possible. I have a few suggestions on what stand they could get rid of but I don't think some cosmetics brands will be happy with that. ;)


It was by pure chance yesterday that I discovered that there was finally had a stand of FashionistA Makeup in the Superdrug in Preston. I was not ready for what I was going to see:

A huge stand, slick black and red packaging, and all that at very affordable price which is music to my ears. Probably what FashionistA is most renowned for is their customisable palette system. You choose your shadows (49 to choose from!!) or blushes and you simply click them in a blank palette. Each individual shadow or blush cost £4. How cool is that! A picture is worth millions of words and expletives, so this is what I mean:



You will have to excuse my enthusiasm if this is old news for you. For me, this company just appeared in a Superdrug not too far from my small neck of the woods and it feels it's brand new to me.

They hadn't receive testers for everything yet (I know already that I *will* own a customised palette at some point and pray to god that there are some matte eyeshadows in 49) but I have some swatches for the khol eyeliners if you want to see. The liners are at £4 each, they are lovely and butter soft, and as their name entails, they are named after supermodels. My pictures don't show them justice and Claudia (Schiffer, I presume) is a beautiful sparkly black.




My favourite supermodel khol eyeliner? The gorgeous Heidi grey. I need to be careful on what I spend my money at the moment and already indulged on a small shopping spree yesterday but I will definitely travel again to that Superdrug and 'Heidi' will grace my lower lashline.

I leave you with a little montage I've made with pictures from the internet of their range of gel eyeliners. There are 13 shades in total, I didn't have room on the montage to feature the blackest black, it's not very easy to appreciate the nuances of grey and brown from these 'stock' pictures but hopefully these will give you an idea.


Conclusion: I am so happy this brand is stocked by a Superdrug near me. I hope there is one near you too, ‘cause there are plenty of things to play with and lots of happy affordable makeup moments to be had :)

Do you own any FashionistA makeup? What are the must haves from the brand?


missy_ellie_uk said...

Well my must haves are the blushers in the palette, because I love blusher - but the gel liners do look great, and I've read some good reviews of them. Unfortunately FashionistA aren't in my Superdrug either, hmph.

Charli said...

They have a stand in my superdrug, but superdrug just seems so badly stocked everywhere!!
The plumping lip glosses are nice from them! x

Strawberry Blonde said...

Oh I just might adore you Liloo... the gel liner 2 from the top right in teal looks just like the Laura Mercier cake liner I've been trying to find a dupe of. I will def be checking these out in my local Superdrug! I also think the blushes look really pretty & love the idea of the palette.

Thanks for this post!

Nic xx

Gemma Meredith said...

I hope this comes out somewhere close to me! It looks like a really promising brand :)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the brand before but there are a few bits I'd love to get my hands on!

Anonymous said...

Last time I went into Superdrug in the city centre they had a FashionistA stand... With no products in it yet. Arrrgghhh so close yet so far!

Nayooo said...

I'm still hoping that my local Superdrug will stock Fashionista sometime soon as they don't have all the products on their website which is so annoying!

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