Monday, 16 April 2012

If it's good enough for Victoria...

You may be forgiven for thinking, looking at my rough photo montage below that Stila Cosmetics may have launched a makeup line with Victoria Beckham. They haven’t. However, during her recent interview in the May 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar, Victoria Beckham shared some of her beauty secrets and declared her love for Stila cosmetics, particularly the brighten and correct concealer and the perfecting concealer. I can't obviously check whether Victoria does indeed carry these on her handbag, but it made me very curious about the products.


So what makes these concealers different?

Brighten and Correct Concealer (£18)
They say: This Multi-purpose under eye brightener, illuminator and correcting concealer in s enriched with Haloxyl, to help to reduce the appearance of dark circles, Zinc which acts as an antioxidant, Magnesium to help maintain the skin’s barrier, Chlorine to maintain mineral concentrations, plus Sodium and Potassium which are key electrolytes. This concealer is swirled with two shades, one for brightening and the other to correct imperfections.    

Stila Perfecting Concealer (£15)
They say: This high performance concealer is ideal for covering blemishes, scars, redness, dark circles. It can even be used as a full coverage foundation.

To say that I have not found my holy grail foundation is an understatement and If my local Boots was big enough to store Stila products, I would have been definitely tempted to swatch the perfecting concealer and test it for coverage /cakiness. For now, I'll just have to lust for it.


Disclosure: I heard from Stila and Victoria Beckham by email and didn’t receive any incentive whatsoever to write about it. Credit: Montage on the first picture was made from stock product photos from The picture from Victoria Beckham dates from yesterday (15 April 2012) and was published on


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I'd love to try some Stila products but they aren't that widely covered in the blogosphere so I never know what to pick up! They do make lovely eyeliners, though...

louweevil said...

If your looking for medium-high coverage foundation, you might consider L'Oreal's Infallible 16 Hrs Foundation (not the brush one, it seems so unhygienic).
I'm beyond pale and the lightest shade actually goes light enough for me. I'm also Iron deficient (doesn't help with the pale) and paired with my poor sleeping habits I have massive dark rings all the way around my eyes, people actually ask if i've been punched in the face.
It covers them and blemishes so well I don't even need concealer. I also have really oily skin (other foundations, right shade or not, only last 3-4 on me) and it lasts a good 10 hours with or without primer.
And I've found it doesn't cake or dry out my skin, Benefits Hello flawless gave me awful flaky (blah)dry skin everywhere i'd applied it - not what i'd been worried have happening with a hydrating foundation on oily skin. My skin is so weird.

liloo said...

@lily it's a shame really, we need more places which sell stila, and then people would buy more and then there will be more reviews :)

@louweevil i might need to give this infallible foundation a go you know. I am so fed up of the poor coverage foundation out there. funny that you mention that about benefit hello flawless. hello dryness more like :( xx

Gemma Meredith said...

It's really hard to find anywhere that actually stocks these products, I don't like to buy expensive products if I can't atleast swatch or try out

productdoctor said...

Geez! Now I want to try some Stila!

Anonymous said...

I used to use Stila products a few years ago but they seem very difficult to pick up now! I thought the concealer and eyeshadows were great. I must keep my eyes out or them again!

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