Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Prepare to be blown away: Win a ghd air! {Giveaway}

You know you have made it as a company when the hair straighteners you produce turn out to be the no.1 most popular straighteners in the whole world and when one of the most famous singers in the world endorses your products. You will have guessed, I am referring to Good Hair Days, or simply ghd as they are known across the world. Today, I want to tell you specifically about ghd Air, the first professional hairdryer from ghd, and an amazing competition :)


Developed in conjunction with professional styling experts, the ghd Air is designed to help you unlock the secret to a gorgeous salon blow dry, every day. Featuring a sleek design, powerful professional 2100 watt AC motor for the fastest blow-dry ever and advanced ionic technology, it delivers exceptionally fast drying and styling while helping to reduce frizz, leaving your hair soft and silky.

Ultimately sleek and stylish, the specifically designed ergonomic shape gives you total control over your style creation – whilst looking elegantly chic at the same time. An ideal tool to help create a salon look at home, the new ghd Air boasts the following benefits:

Advanced Ionic Technology: for reduced frizz and a silkier, softer finish
Cool shot button: for a quick blast of cool air to fix your look in place
Salon strength AC motor: for more powerful drying
2 concentrator nozzles: helping to create a wide variety of styles
Ergonomic design: for easy handling and maximum control    


And do you want to know the most amazing thing about it? One of you, that's right, one of you my dear readers, can win it on my blog. I am so excited about this, I am trembling as I type. Due to the bulkiness of the item, this competition is only open to UK residents.

How to enter:

This giveaway is for all my blog readers residents in the UK and starts on Tuesday, 1 May 2012
It will end on Tuesday 15 May 2012, 22:00 BST (UK).
All I would like you to do, to enter this competition is to tell me:

--- your name
--- your email address
--- answer to this question:

ghd are revolutionising hair care products one by one, most recently with their super charged hair-dryer, the ghd Air.
To be in with a chance of winning a ghd Air tell us about a tool you regularly use in your beauty/hair care routine that could do with a bit of ghd treatment and why.

--- how you found out about this giveaway
--- how you follow this blog
--- (optional) details of your additional entry {your twitter username and the url (web address) of your tweet} If you are unsure on how to get the url/web address of your tweet, my friend michelle has done a tutorial on it.

Earn One Additional Entry:

To increase your chances of winning, you may tweet about this competition. To do this, please follow @ghd and myself @tsunimee and tweet the following message:

Win a @ghd Air Hairdryer (£99.00) with @tsunimee http://bit.ly/ghdairhero #ghdairhero


1. The competition is opened to readers of Le Petit Jardin de liloo, resident in the UK, who follow through Google Connect, RSS (Google Reader) HelloCotton, bloglovin or by email
2. Please make sure to answer the question as stated above   
3. This giveaway will end on Tuesday 15 May 2012, 22:00 BST (UK)
4. There will be 1 winner and the winner will be sent the ghd Air
5. Winner will be chosen at random.
6. Participants can earn a maximum total of 2 entries. Please make sure to respect the wording of the twitter entry.


Stacie said...

google reader
gfc as stacie

Anonymous said...

My Mirror could do with the GHD treatment, it's all well and good having good tools but I need a good mirror Thor when I'm using my tools!
I follow via bloglovin

Great giveaway xx

Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

Follow on GFC as Jesss
Email: mustbeadreamer [at] hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @JesssXD / https://twitter.com/#!/JesssXD/status/197255103013597184
My nail polish remover could do with some GHD treatment, I swear I spend half my life trying to remove nail polish!
Found out about this through your tweet about the blog post.
I would seriously love to win this, I've just spent about half an hour blowdrying my hair and I'm starting to think my hairdryer's on the way out :(


Anonymous said...

Follow on bloglovin and GFC (Reenie)
@mascareena: https://twitter.com/#!/MascaReeNa/status/197260895905267712
I would LOVE to see a GHD curling wand/tong (enrapture style!)
I found out about this giveaway throught following your blog!

girl_upnorth said...

Wow!! This Is an amazing giveaway!

Jade Hewitt

I actually couldn't live without my GHD straighteners, I fail to even imagine how life would be without them (sad I know!)

I could do with a big of GHD air lovin' because my hairdryer's cord is WAY too short and I could really do with the length and power of this baby! (YES i'm still talking about a hairdryer)

I found out about this giveaway through twittorrrr
I follow via GFC

I also tweeted, find my tweet here: https://twitter.com/#!/BButterflyBlog/status/197268162515959808


bloomzy said...


My wavers (three barrel iron) could do with a GHD overhaul! I am in need of some wavers that are as reliable and efficient as my GHD straighteners.

youlittlebeauty said...

I think GHD could come up with some amazing eyelash curlers. It is hair after all, and the GHD treatment would make eyelash curlers indispensable!
I found it through bloggers reading list,
and I follow via GFC

Fashion Bandit said...

I'd love to be entered as my hairdryer has broken!
Alex /Fashion Bandit
Apart from my hairdryer needing some GHD-ness - I'd love the perfect GHD brush to use with my strighteners - perhaps it could have magical heat protection abilities too!
I found out about the giveaway through Twitter @fashion_bandit
I follow through GFC :)


Unknown said...

I'd love my hairdryer to get the GHD treatment, it's practically as old as me now!

GFC: jayde xo
I found out via blogger :)

Naomi Gabriella said...

I'd love for my straighteners to magically turn into GHDs ... I've reached the point that I go to my friend's room to use her straighteners at break times. My hair's just so thick I need to straighten it to even tame it slightly.

Naomi :)

Found out via blogger.
Follow on GFC :) x

Lucy said...

To be honest, it's my hairdryer that needs a bit of GHD treatment. It's old, cuts out all the time (usually at a crucial moment like when I was getting ready for a job interview, when I have a big meeting or when I'm running late), sucks my hair in and smells a bit burny all the time. I should just give up on it!

I follow through GFC and that's how I found your giveaway. I also tweeted here: https://twitter.com/#!/LucyBATB/status/197389190403588096 and my email is lucy@beautyandtheblogger.co.uk

amylou said...

i,d love my waving machine to be given a bit of ghd magic :)my wave envy just not doing it for me at all.

amy cadwell
i follow through blogger.

Jo Y said...

Jo Young
whgcjo at gmail dot com

I would love my make up brushes to get the GHD treatment as I'm sure they could do a much better job (although it may be me that's the problem!!)

I found this giveaway from a friend

I'm following via RSS Google Reader

I've tweeted - https://twitter.com/#!/BoostieBoo/status/197643118730944512

Thanks for a lovely giveaway x

Inner Belle said...


To be in with a chance of winning a ghd Air tell us about a tool you regularly use in your beauty/hair care routine that could do with a bit of ghd treatment and why.

I always use my straightening irons to create curls that are super bouncy and shiny and most importantly lasts all day and night. The bigger the hair the better for me so creating volume at the roots is a must – hair dryer is most essential to blow out my roots and leave with body to prep for the curls.. My hair defines me - so a bad hair day is a hair day from hell for me. My hair is a lioness and needs to be tamed with only the best hence why my GHD flat irons are godsend for me, and the hair dryer would be a match made in heaven.

I am an avid follower, in fact we have met (Aussie Angels :P) and that’s how I came across your blog, and since followed. This is how I found out about your giveaway.

My twitter account has changed recently from innerbelle to Cosmo_Juice – incase you haven’t already – follow me.

Heres my url - https://twitter.com/#!/Cosmo_Juice/status/197647628895399937

Fingers crossed :)

Unknown said...

Wow great giveaway, got my fingers and toes crossed!!

My curlers need some serious GHD treatment, these days I'm lucky if the curls last half an hour and they are seriously drying my hair up!!

Found your blog and competition whilst clicing through diff blogs, managed to end up here and I'm happy i did!!! :)

Following via GFC and blog lovin!



tousledkitten said...

My hairbrush could use the ghd treatment. My hair is super thick and it just doesn't do the job.

I follow your blog with Google Reader and generally stalk the hell out of you on twitter (but it's ok, you like it).

Off to tweet now. ;-)

s waqar said...

Name: Sana Waqar
I would love my hair brush to have a ghd makeover.
I follow your blog through GFC.
Thanks and an awesome giveaway.

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

Wow awesomest giveaway ever - I want the ghd air so badly!

Strawberry Blonde
I follow via GFC, Blog Lovin & I think Hellocotton too.
On Twitter @Strawbry_Blonde

I'd like a ghd makeover on my Babyliss Big Hair, my favourite hair tool to date (not tried ghds!). I loved & used this every day (until it broke recently) but think the bristles are a touch soft & hair gets caught in the hinges too easily. I'm sure ghd could come up with other ways to improve this product!

Thanks Liloo!!

Nic xx

Strawberry Blonde Beauty said...

Oops I found out about your giveaway via twitter & just tweeted about it here https://twitter.com/#!/Strawbry_Blonde/status/198104694743240705

Nic @Strawbry_Blonde x

CappuccinoLace said...


My hairdryer does the the job fine, it seems; its me that needs the GHD treatment! Need more arms, or to bend them the right way, or work out how to use a brush and hairdryer at the same time. A floating hairdryer would be perfect.

GFC: MidnightDraven
Via Google Reader


Sara said...


I read your blog, which I follow using GFC.

I have a brush that's a bit like straighteners, but with bristles on it.

It has ceramic plates but doesn't heat up, so I'd like the GHD treatment that I could just sweep it through my hair and my locks would be straight, fuzz free and super soft!

S xx

Penelope said...

I follow using GFC
Tweeted from @penjy https://twitter.com/#!/penjy/status/198339134958477312
My hairdryer desperately needs the GHD treatment,it's verging on antique and takes a good 20 minutes to dry my hair. Quick easy and with some hold, I could seriously do with.

Sunaina said...

Sunaina D
sunaina__@hotmail.co.uk (two underscores)

I LOVE GHD HAIR PRODUCTS! Nothing beats GHD and I need a GHD supercharged Air!

I regularly use mineral makeup in my routine and would love there to be a something that stops my mineral foundation flying everywhere!

I found this giveaway through browsing your lovely blog
Following via GFC - http://hereissunaina.blogspot.co.uk/


Hazel Christopher said...

--- Hazel Christopher
--- forceofnature@hotmail.co.uk
--- I have the Herstyler baby curls curling wand, it's great but I think GHD would be better!

--- It came up in a Google search when I was looking for GHD hairdryers :)
--- GFC as MumOfOne
--- https://twitter.com/#!/hlac1/status/198507715037892608


Thank you for the lovely competition and hope you have a great weekend </3

pinklighthouse1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pinklighthouse1 said...

I googled GHD Hairdryers and came across your blog.

I subscribe to your blog via email.

I have tweeted the message @glitterbaby40


What an awesome giveaway, thank you xxx

Unknown said...

Gemma Meredith

I like my straighters but they're getting a bit old now so I would like to invest in some GHD's!

I follow you
On Bloglovin
Thanks :)

pinklighthouse1 said...

I wash my hair every day (as my hair resembles Jedward when I wake up!!) and always blow dry it. I had a hairdryer until last weekend when my hubby decided to use it to dry the rabbits cage with when it got wet! I'm not sure who blew a fuse first me or my hairdryer but it went up in smoke so my hairdryer could use some GHD treatment please.

missy_ellie_uk said...


To be honest - it's my hairdryer that needs the GHD treatment! It keeps overheating and cutting out, and I'm sure it's going to electrocute me one of these days.

Found your giveaway through Les Petit Cadeux, of course! And I'm a GFC and twitter follower :)

Ellie x

Alison said...

Ali Harriman

My trusty Babyliss ionic blow dryer is showing it's age, just like it's owner. I've had for ages, but it's time to replace the old girl.

I found out about your competition thanks to a Tweet by Ruth @amodelrecommends.

I follow your blog via Google Friends Connect and Bloglovin'. I've retweeted Ruth's Tweet about your giveaway.

Have a fab day!

Sarah said...

Sarah Blakebrough

I'd love to see a GHD curling iron/tongs. I have yet to find one that curls my hair really well, with curls that stay put.

Found the giveaway through the link at the top of your blog.

I follow via GFC - sarah.blakebrough

JenLa said...

Such a fab giveaway.
What couldn't do with the GHD treatment? I use a curling wand as well as my GHD's and I would love a GHD version. Gorgeous curls that last all day ♥

I found out about this on Twitter. I follow you on there and your blog on GFC.
I've tweeted too
Jen jenla415@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Amazing giveaway Liloo :-)
I'm Helen England and I follow via gfc as NailNewbie (and I'm about to sign up for emails too!)
Email is helen_louise_is at yahoo dot co dot UK
I think my tweezers could use the ghd treatment, plucking brows is so laborious (or maybe I'm just lazy...) anything to make it easier would be a bonus!
I found out about the giveaway just from checking your blog. I can't tweet at the moment because my computer is broken and I have no idea how to copy/paste the link from my phone!

Joanna said...

Aww fab giveaway Liloo :-)
My email is Joanna(dot)hague(at)hotmail.co.uk
and I'm Joanna on GFC.

GHD should create something to make an amazing "up do"...i currently wear a pair of socks in my hair. A.PAIR.OF.SOCKS. I neeed the answer to my "up do" prayers!

Here's my tweet! https://twitter.com/#!/BoldNBella/status/201963972293951488


Sadi said...

Wowww Fab giveaway Liloo :-)

I'm Sadi.

I follow via gfc as Sadi.

Email : sadia.latif10@gmail.com

I think My hairbrush and hair curler needs a GHD Treatment. I m still strugling to find a perfect hair brush for blowdrying and Hair culer for lovely curls in my hair.

I found out about the giveaway just from checking your blog.

I follow @ghd and @tsunimee on twitter @Sad20ful.

I tweeted here :https://twitter.com/#!/Sad20ful/status/202071253035646977

I follow u on Hello Cotton as Sadi.

Thank you sooo much for this amazing giveaway !!

30SomethingMel said...

Mel from Twitter: 30somethingmel

My hair brush could do with some GHD treatment. Namely from being stolen and borrowed by my children so I never can find it. I have 4 and the 4 children I have take them all! I'm in need ;)

An amazing giveaway Miss Liloo - I heard about the giveaway via Your Blog and petitkado.
Good luck all xxxx

Kit5187 said...

Kirstie Threlkeld

I have a very small brand curling wand with a supposedly (but not very) heatproof glove with could do with a bit of the GHD treatment!!

I follow through an RSS reader with a google account and I found out about the giveaway through reading your blog and following your twitter!

Here is the link to my tweet:

Katherine said...

Katherine Lawson

I have the same old hot rollers I've had since my late teens (eek!) .. I'd love for GHD to make some sleek modern rollers to bring me to the modern times! As with every GHD product, I'm sure the rollers would give me shiny, salon-look hair with little effort .. .. and be gorgeously designed too!

Have also tweeted (@KookyKaty)

Oh My Style said...

I would love to win this! my hairdryer could do with some GHD treatment as its broken!!


--- I found out about this giveaway on linkedin
--- I follow with GFC
--- Twitter username: @sammycx

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