Friday, 28 May 2010

Splash Proof Sealer: I'd be lost without you. Review, Tutorial & FOTD

Do you own something in your beauty collection which would leave you upset if you suddenly misplaced it? I do. A few months ago, my stomach literally churned when I thought I had lost my splash cosmetics sealer.


This was originally given to me by my very thoughtful and generous  friend Jo, makeup artist in Bristol. Jo knows how much I love using ‘full on’ loose glitter on my lids for going out / party makeup. One first try of this and I immediately understood why she was raving about it: This little sealer is simply the BEST base I have ever used to make loose glitter adhere to your lids. And when I saw  my ultimate YouTube makeup  guru petrilude was using it too, I was literally squealing with excitement. (If you click here, it will direct you to precisely the bit where he’s talking about it at 4 minutes 14 )



In my pre splash days, I would use regular eyelash glue to make loose glitter adhere to my lids, but the removal process was very tedious and I always felt it was harsh to the poor tender skin of my lids. When I use the splash proof sealer I apply a fine layer of  product on my lids, then dab the glitter with a sponge applicator (I love sponge applicators and not ashamed to say it) and the glitter stays on all day or all night and it does not budge one bit.

The applicator dispenses just the right amount of product, but sadly as I discovered with clear lipgloss, you are best to apply the product on the back of your hands first and then transfer it to your lids as you don’t want to the wand to get dirty with the colour you have on your lids, and then colour contaminate the whole tube.


When I turned myself into a little devil on new year’s eve, I used this sealer on my eyes and some random red cosmetic glitter I bought on eBay. I usually never take step by step pictures of my makeup, but for some reason this time I did and I thought I would share them. Please Excuse the deep/crazy smoothing of my magic camera.

First, and before applying any makeup, I applied my false eyelashes (very controversial but this is the way I like to do it)  and worked on my crease. I applied some twofaced shadow insurance on the whole surface of the eye, then applied brown eyeshadow, blended it with vanilla or blanc type from MAC, then applied some black. Looks Like there’s a lot of black huh? Well, wait till my fat droopy lid covers it aaaaaaaall up.


See, by magic, my lids have covered all the black! Man these are my no.2 favourite lashes in the whole world but more on them in another post. Look below how neat they look and that they barely need any eyeliner at all. I am in love.


Then, it looks like I’ve applied some red eyeshadow on top of the brown and some red shadow on the main lid too. I took the red from the 120 eyeshadow palette from eBay.


And then I applied the sealer on my lids, and voila:
Better pictures of this look on my red devil post and on youtube if you fancy it.
My eyebrows look a mess but that didn’t prevent me to pull that night :)


To remove the glitter, I stuck some regular sellotape on my eyelids to remove most of it, and then, I pressed a cotton pad wet with oily makeup remover, and pressed it to make it soft and easy to lift off.  The removal process was a doddle compared to when I would use eyelash glue when i had to scrape it off.

The splash sealer is very affordable (about £5 I believe) but it’s not very easy to find, which traumatised me a bit when I thought I had lost it. In the UK, It seems to be sold in ‘dancewear’ places, with theatrical-ish makeup. Here’s a list of stockists if you are interested.  In America, I believe you can find at ULTA, under its real original name of L.A Splash Cosmetics. Blimey, you’ve made till the end of this long post. Well done. I am finding it hard to be concise when I am really excited about a product.
Thank you for reading. Let know about some makeup items of yours, which would leave you in total disarray if you lost them. I’d love to hear xx


Anonymous said...

I want it! And I want it now! (I'm sorry if this is posted twice on I'm doing this on my turd, oops I mean iPhone and it's playing up!)

Love the look! X

liloo said...

@beautybegins hahahahahahahahhahaha, doing it on your ITurd rofl xx

Nooberella said...

sponge applicators FTW =D
have a fab weekend xxx

liloo said...

You know what , the last time I was looking at Josh video and when I heard about this, I was just waouuuu!
And I was thinking "where can I find this????"
And then you are coming and " tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" looool
Thx a lot for sharing, the next time I'll come in London I'll try to get it ;)
lots of love

Liloo... but the other one XD

esteeem said...

thanks for this post!! where would you recommend to buy fine cosmetic glitter then? It's just what I'm looking for!


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