Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Viva la flavour Nails - Free Leighton Denny Manicures

My story with Leighton Denny couldn't have had a more unfortunate start. First polish I bought from the brand yesterday had  the inside brush falling off its outer cap. I'd never win the lottery but if there is one loose brush in a  million, you bet I would be the one to find it. The very first time I bought what became my favourite and most  repurchased facial wash, it also sported a funky cap. I am so happy I didn't seal my final opinion on that first  purchase.

I never planned to buy any Leighton Denny polishes last week end. It all started on twitter when so and  so wondered if the Leighton Denny polishes were any good, as Bazaar Magazine is offering a free Leighton Denny  polish (to choose from 3 summer shades) on purchase of a copy of the magazine (£4.20) I was not ready for the  huge wave of enthusiasm towards the brand. My twitter timeline was on fire. Lydia who had just come home, came  out again especially to buy the polishes and my lovely Drew bought the whole collection  first thing the  following morning.


What was special about that brand? I was about to find out. After hearing the undiluted praise on Leighton Denny  on twitter and Drew's gorgeous swatches, I decided to buy all three shades: Viva La Diva, a sumptuous shade of  orange based red; Do me a flavour, a bright orange polish and Supermodel a gorgeous taupe/brown polish.


I first started to play with Viva la Diva and I just couldn't believe my eyes. The application was a dream. I  don't know what Leighton Denny put in their formula but it's just perfect: it glided effortlessly on my nails, not too  runny, not too thick. I could take my time to apply the polish around the cuticles and do my little gap. To top  it all off, it dried so such a glossy finish and so quickly. My photos of viva la diva show 2 coats of red. My  nails could have benefited from a third coat but I was so impatient to show them to you that I only applied 2  coats. Viva la diva? Viva la perfection, more like!

Viva la Diva with flash



Viva la Diva under natural sunlight



I was a bit hesitant about buying 'Do me a flavour'. Recently I bought an orange polish also as part of a  magazine offer and I ended up giving it away as I had found it too neon for my liking. 'Do me a flavour' is also  very bright in the bottle but fortunately not neon when you apply it. And what application that was: Like viva la  diva, it was just flawless and dried very quickly. 



I absolutely adore orange and can't wait to wear this shade,  tanned or not tanned. if this shade is too bright for you, pop them on your toes, you'll absolutely love it. I would like to thank you Marks and Spencer at this stage who were ever so kind to replace my first faulty polish against another one.



The third and final polish from this magazine offer was Supermodel. I am not very good with describing all  the nuances in brown and taupes. Supermodel reminds me of 'marrons glac├ęs' (glazed chestnuts) and of a mixture of my  favourite polish in the whole world (Nails inc London) and Eyeko Posh polish but with a 5 star application. (all  right, all right. a quick little comparison below if you behave)

The photos show 2 coats of supermodel. You'll notice quite a difference in shade between the photos with flash  (the ones on black background) and the ones in natural sunlight. The ones most true to colour are the ones with  flash. The sunlight was so bright, it was turning supermodel into a much warmer brown.  





Quick brown comparison. The swatches below were done very quickly and sloppily. Excuse the surplus of polish on the middle finger and the gap so big on the thumb you could drive a truck in there. What this little exercise showed me is that although Nails Inc London is my favourite colour of them all, I much preferred the application of Leighton Denny. In fact, if I had to rate the polishes from below for their ease of application, from less easy to easier, it would be

1. Beanie
2. Nails Inc London
3. Eyeko and Bsrry M (sorry, I can’t choose)
and the best would be Supermodel.
Blown away I was!



Where the heck  was I when the memo about
how good Leighton Denny polishes are came out?

I've got no idea but I am not  missing out again. If you have never tried the brand, now is your chance to try. A Leighton Denny polish would  usually retail around the £11 mark, so £4.20 to try one is an absolute steal. or perhaps you want to let this  opportunity fling through your fingers and then have to buy the polish at 3 times its value on eBay? Do me a flavour, go get one now before the offer runs out...


xmisslorix said...

Ooh I've never tried Leighton Denny polishes either but I love do me a flavour, that orange....yummy... might have to get it xx

Anonymous said...

I love ALL of them! Although I'm not sure I can get away with orange, must try it now!

A x

Emma Greenwood said...

"So and so" HAHA, that totally made me laugh out loud :P I am so so so tempted to buy the orange and particularly Supermodel now, and I can't wait to try my Viva La Diva! It's good that M&S let you swap for a functional bottle, what are the chances?! I've had that happen before with some makeup item although I've now forgotten what it was. Love these photos, I love seeing the flash compared with the sunlight and I especially love the brown/taupey thingies colour comparison! Thank you :) xxx

Emma Greenwood said...

Oh it was a miniature Lancome perfume bottle. I think /irrelevant :P x

Anonymous said...

never heard of these but they look gooood! that red color would be a perfect pedicure red for the summer. hm. nice.

NailNewbie said...

I wasn't all that impressed with the colours in the store but now I want all of them! I knew I shouldn't have read this post... :P

Pandora said...


jaljen said...

Also check TK Maxx. I got 2 for a tenner and a petites pack of 4 for £12.

PinkSweetSz said...

Ah You should do a gradient hand with these :) and That colour looks gorgeous.. Infact they all do :D x

Charlotte said...

In my local TK Maxx today they had a set of 2 for £9.99 (silver & gold) and even better for £11 a set of 4 full size polishes, top coat & loads of other nail care goodies. I unfortunately am on a nail varnish buying ban!

Shoezanne said...

I love the red one, never tried any of these polishes. I must pop in to TK Maxx to see if they have any. I really like the taupe one too.

Karen said...

Thanks for the info. I think its the July issue so I'll go out and get one tomorrow. I hope I can find Supermodel or Viva La Diva (I have an Orange and I'm trying not to buy the same sort of colours). p.s I subscribed today :)

Jennifer said...

Oh I love Leighton Denny! I never understand why I rarely see his products on the bloggersphere, I have so many of his colours and nail products and they are just perfection. I grabbed Do Me A Flavour from this offer, I think I'm going to get Viva La Diva if it is available near me too. I've already got Supermodel and I agree, it is a great shade. QVC is the best place to purchase Leighton Denny products, the TSV offers are AMAZING value! *hops off soap box* :D

Cali369 said...

So far I've just picked up Supermodel but looks like I'll need all 3!

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