Sunday, 5 June 2011

Shattered but happy ^_^

Earlier on this week, BeautyUK proudly celebrated the launch of their range of shatter polishes. It came out a little later than expected but boy it was worth the wait. Here they are in their full glory, from left to right: PUNK (bright neon pink shatter) GLAM ROCK (bright shimmery metallic silver shatter) and GOTH (well, the black one).


When BeautyUK contacted me and asked me if I wanted to play with them and give my thoughts on them, it was a no brainer and I was thrilled to bits to accept the privilege. And so I played, played and played some more.

First off, we have 'Punk' a neon pink so bright you could almost incarnate the lollipop lady on the zebra crossing without having to wear the lollipop and the light reflecting jacket. The consistency feels so weird but it gives you a strong, powerful and bright shatter. I personally prefer to apply a thick coat of shatter to see a bigger shatter pattern on my nail. Let's have a look at on the nails, shall we? 

This is Beautyuk Punk Shatter applied over Beautyuk Black (I am going to have to do a separate little post for this bad boy. I bought it especially to pair it with my shatter polishes and I just couldn't be happier with it. wow, and that was only £1.99)




This is Beautyuk Punk Shatter applied over one of my favourite polishes at the moment, Pulsating from Rimmel. You can see it on its own here. The picture on the black background was taken indoors, with flash lighting.  My flash, I think, is pretty chuffing great :) Thank you flash x



Try to imagine the setting of this photo: It’s sunny outside, blowing gale, I am in the park and the homeless are stopping me to ask why the hell I am waving a my hand in the air and taking photos of my hand. ‘It’s for a project’ I always say. ‘Are you at Uni’. ‘Yeah, that’s right, it’s for my university project’. I would look so much better if I had a proper king kong dlslrlslrlr camera. Alas I look like a muppet with a small digital camera. Hey Ho, such is the life of a girl with blogging about beauty as a hobby.

Where was I?

And last but not least, this is Punk shatter over Beautyuk Yellow Peril (see it worn on its own here) on my wrinkly hand. I love the sunlight around 6pm. It’s gorgeous.


Glam Rock (the silver shatter) gives you a more subtle shatter but it's beautiful nonetheless. I was a bit worried, it would take a bit longer to dry, given its thicker consistency but I was proven wrong. Like its pink brother, it dries in an instant. I did a manicure on black covering most of the nail, but I prefer to leave more of the black showing. What do you mean some of the pink from earlier manicure are showing? *cough* I can’t see anything




I think that the best time to play with shatter/crackle polishes is when you have already an old manicure on which starts chipping. There is nothing quite like a shatter to quickly transform your manicure, when you’ve been invited on a night out last minute and your nails look a state.  If you want  your shattered manicure to last, it's best to apply to a top coat but I don't bother with that, I much prefer the rough texture and look of it.

Can you shatter a shatter polish? It would be rude not to try :) Here's my glam rock shattered manicure with some punk shattered tips on top.



I think BeautyUK has done an amazing job with these. The packaging, the labels, the vibrancy of the silver (sorry 17 cosmetics) is superb. My only regret is that the range doesn't include a gold shatter. If you wait till the 6 July, you can purchase the shatter range (£2.99 each, can any other company beat that?) from your local Superdrug. Otherwise, you can get your paws on it from the website, in the special effects section) Thank you very much again Beautyuk for letting me play with these all week end. I am truly shattered but I am happy :)



Anonymous said...

I love love love those!

Cannot wait until they're available in-store :)

You're awesome <3

A xxx

jobetterdays said...

I love the shattered, shattered manicure! The silver, pink and black look great together, I am gonna have to try that!

Karleigh said...

Love the black silver and pink!

Serafina said...

Ohhh love the layered look! Great idea! SO glad beautyuk are coming out with these as a lot of shatter polishes are pretty pricey!

Catherine said...

Look great :-) love the black pink & silver together x

Daisy said...

Ohhh very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been keen on the Barry M or OPI shattered but this one seems to create a different pattern on the nails. I love the yellow that looks fooking hot!

NailNewbie said...

I love how you left the black showing near the cuticle a little, like a shattered ruffian :) They're all on my wish-list now...

Sue said...

I am so loving the shattered effect! I have the balck one from OPI and the purple, pink and blue from China Glaze. I think it is so fun and edgy!

I loved the pink one over black and yellow!

Sara.H said...

This makes me EVEN more excited now. I am waiting for my polishes to arrive :) thanks for the wonderful post :)

Karen said...

I was late to join the shatter craze and sprung for nails inc's. Islington for my birthday last month. I'm so disappointed, it just doesn't have a great effect.

I'd definitely buy the beautyuk ones because they look they do the business and the look I liked best was the last one.

£2.99 each v £11.00 each. The more expensive brands don't necessarily mean it's a better formulation (I've finally figured that one out) and learnt the hard way!

I'm definitely going to buy these, or maybe just the pink and the black for now.

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

AAAA LOVE THE STRIPEY CRACKLE MANI! Definitely going to have to get my hands on 'Punk' - love how obnoxious it looks over the yellow haha :)

Meeta said...

I love how you have left the bottom part shatter free and also the stripy coloured nails too - very nice!

Anonymous said...

Ive seen them on sale in a clothes shop in my town already.... I turned them down at first but I think after seeing how they really look I'll be getting them.

I've only had experience with Barry M's black shatter and tbh I wasn't keen.

Love the pink and silver though... I'll be off to buy these later.

Ms Red


Anonymous said...

Wow, the silver looks way better than I thought it would! Love it!

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

LOVEEEE what you did with the pink / black shatter. now i want some shatter polishes in my life

BeautyBangs said...

The pink on yellow is amazing! SO on trend... love it! Steph xx

daisychain said...

Um wow, these look amazing!

Kim said...

These look brilliant! I'm loving Beauty UK at the moment! Love the way you created that last mani!! xxx

Tia said...

Oh my God.....I am just amazed after having seen your nail. I loved your work and nail polishes as well.

Anonymous said...

wow, i love these, i got the Barry M black one but i love the silver and the pink one, I'm gonna buy these!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi this is my first time here! These shatters look great, my fave combos are the yellow+ pink and the black+silver shatter+ pink shatter!
Nice to meet you!
Have a nice day!

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