Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Gosh Galaxy

When the news of the iconic Gosh Holographic nail polish being relaunched first broke, the first question that many of us asked ourselves was 'Are Gosh going to be doing coloured holographic nail polishes too or just the silver holo one’? Well, from what I've managed to gather, there is only going to be one holographic polish released in September but it looks like that Galaxy, another soon to be launched polish has got some serious holographic potential. I could totally been barking the wrong tree and maybe Gosh Galaxy is going to turn out more like Eyeko Cosmic rather than 'Reclaim' from Nubar but there is hope and we'll see.



Come September (I have yet to establish the right release date for these little beauties) I will also need to indulge in Lazy Green, which promises to be a very nice shade of khaki. I only own one khaki nail polish, a £1 little bargain from MUA. It fulfils my khaki needs but I wouldn't mind a more upmarket one.


Of course, I will need to purchase the repackaged and soon to relaunch 'holo' from Gosh. Quite frankly, I don't own a nail polish which has moved me as much. No photo I could take could possibly communicate its beauty to you, you need to experience it first hand. Its application is a journey in itself. As for its lasting power, it was the very reason why it was discontinued in the first place. Apparently people complained about it and it was dropped down from the shelves and stopped from being produced. But even more people complained that it disappeared. So much so that it started to sell on eBay for 5 times its value.

Gosh Holographic 549 Nail Polish Swatch now renamed 'one night only'

Its lasting power is still the same and Gosh is the first one to admit that, which is why it's now called 'one night only'. I hope Gosh is prepared for the storm this little holographic is going to cause as this might well beat the sales of this fire from Max factor.

Oh I nearly forgot. Gosh could have totally 'done a Sleek makeup' coup and amped its prices up drastically for the occasion. But no. The new polishes are planned to be sold at £4.99. Woop :)


Emma said...

Such a beautiful post, woohooo! Bought Galaxy (and Spot On! Pink) today, sadly Galaxy is not holo :( but it's a pretty amazing mix of colours in a dark base, VERY pretty! Think deeper darker more complex version of Barry M Copper. I think you will love it. Painting my nails with it right now in fact :D xx

KittyBonkers said...

Holographic is one of my favourite colours, but it was poor on lasting power. It's a shame they couldn't fix it but at least they changed the name to suit the lasting power! GOSH are lovely nail polishes, but I need to try out that Eyeko one!

Kitty xox

xmisslorix said...

I love with a twist thats beautiful I might buy some of these, Holographic is nice too but I hate the flakiness and how you can't use a topcoat without it looking crap xx


Berry me is almost worth buying for the name! Love it! I got my first holo last week and its given me some great nail art inspiration

Sheila Harris said...

Need one night only in my life :)) x

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